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Entrepreneurship is a wonderful experience. If it was easy, more people will sure do it but it’s not. Growing your business effectively is a tricky task. How to attract new customers? How to build a strong brand reputation? How to create a great marketing campaign? One of the solutions is obviously advertising. For a successful advertising campaign you need to need to have a clear definition of your buyer persona to choose the right channel. If you sell tailored suit, advertise in local newspaper in the city. The cost of an advertising campaign is not negligible and must be done efficiently. Let us share with you some low cost and effective advertising ideas.


There are two types of advertising. The Above The Line one ( ATL) is about using mass media. The Below The Line (BTL) which is about using off-media communication. Both can be used with a small advertising budget.


1) Your Brand

What makes Apple Inc different from the other high-technology brands? Their branding is outstanding.

When you brand your business effectively you create a psychological imprint in the audience’s mind. This allows you to set your business apart and even become a leader in your field. Use branding to create a strong brand identity to incite online and offline word of mouth. Don’t underestimate the power of social media exposure. This is the first step of any advertising campaign. Be sure to have a great logo (Download our E-book with information on how to create a logo) and a great brand concept that showcases the value of your brand. The more your brand stands out, the more interest you will generate from media, potential partners and prospects.


2) Your Website must be SEO friendly

Your website is your 24/7 open shop. It sure needs to look great but most important it needs to be found.

Google ranks favourably websites that add content on a regular basis. Add SEO friendly content on a regular basis: share tips to show your skills, add your latest projects, news relevant to your business etc. What are the keywords for your business? Use Google keyword planner to discover keywords that are popular and relevant to your business. If you aren’t a writer, we recommend to hire a SEO consultant to do it. A SEO consultant has further talent in this field and will help you rank your website faster than you doing it on all on your own. If you need a SEO consultant, contact us for further information.

When visitors are on your website, give them an opportunity to leave their contact details with an E-book or newsletter option. These tools give you opportunities to send out email marketing campaign on a regular basis or updates on your business. Remember, visitors coming to your website are not always ready to purchase your service or product straightaway. This is why it is important to communicate regularly to ensure they think of your company when they ready to take action.

A good website provides an amazing visitor experience, good speed, multi-platform friendly. Wow your audience as much as you can with a great design. The colours have to be attractive and have to reflect your business. Check out 10 Best FREE SEO & Sales Tools to improve your SEO strategy. For instance, black is the classic colour of luxury. Moreover, the most common mistake is to put too much information on one page. Put the essential information of the main page and create subpages to provide further information. Always ensure to have a CTA: a call to action to incite your visitors to leave their information, contact you or purchase your product or service.


3) Social Media

Choose social platforms that suit best your business. Instagram is best for product companies as you can create amazing visuals to present new collections. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ work for most businesses. Always add links that direct back to your website and #hashtag with keywords related to your business, trends or your brand. It’s important to communicate regularly and consistently. SlideShare is the best platform to rank on Google Image search results rapidly. Google “3 Colours Rule”, click images and see our results!


4) Networking Events

Networking is often overlooked. With networking you need to think long term instead of short term. Most importantly choose to attend event with business entrepreneurs who share the same target market. Don’t sell your company services or products during events instead build business relationships, grow your business network to increase referrals. People buy people. Therefore, people prefer to work with people they have met in person or talked with, therefore people trust. Check out Evenbrite, meetup or any networking companies for business events. We usually don’t recommend free events. The paid events will attract business people who are more senior, more committed and engaged.


5) Street Marketing

Street Marketing is about using the street to promote your products or services. It has to be creative to catch people’s attention. It can take the form of a free sample distribution, flyer distribution or an embellishment of a street element that incites social shares.  Street Marketing is efficient and not that expensive but it has to be really creative and approved by the local government.


To conclude, there are a lot of ways to advertise your product or service. Online ads tend to be less expensive (or even free) than the offline advertising strategies. Do not rush into buying virtual banners, or blank spaces in newspapers. There are more efficient and less expensive ways to advertise. You just have to be creative. Remember that all your ads have to fit with your brand identity.