A forecast from Time Management, predicts that in 2015, 30% of employees will change jobs or pursue their entrepreneurial dream. Every entrepreneur or company aspire to be successful and to be a point of reference for the rest. They aspire to have a brand that makes people feel good and awaken their desire to possess it. Some companies, such as Christian Louboutin, have successfully achieved this. Women are happy to spend over £800 for a pair of Louboutins. If you ask her why, she would simply reply “Because they are Louboutins!”. With his sexy shoes Christian Louboutin has successfully managed to distinguish himself with the red sole trademark. What a simple and genius idea. Unfortunately, not all companies are as successful. Some companies are failing brilliantly and they battle every month to get new clients. Why do they struggle? They simply forgot the importance of branding. Successfully branding your company has many benefits. When you successfully position your brand, potential clients never, yes never, question the price. The more expensive it is, the more they want it. It also allows you to attract successful employees. Using Godiva as an example, I will give you 3 of many strategies to successfully branding.


Product positioning

Godiva doesn’t position itself like Cadbury. They aren’t targeting the mass population but the people who are looking for la crème de la crème. Like Godiva, present a product that corresponds to your target audience and you will never have to negotiate on prices. Godiva has been established for years and on their website they take you through the creation of their luxurious and exquisite chocolate. Through this you know how much time they spend creating the chocolate and naturally it justifies the price.



Now you know your audience, all communications need to reflect your brand positioning and compelling brand messages that resonate well with your product or service. This includes your website, logo, store, office, product packaging, social media pages, etc. Basically all the visual elements related to your brand need to correspond to your brand positioning and be consistent. Godiva’s logo is gold and brown to represent luxury, prestige and the colour of chocolate. Therefore, all the visual elements, such as their packaging, respect their colour branding.



Personal branding

Personal branding is the big business trend of 2015. Loads of companies are investing on their employees as they realise the importance. Your employees communicate the brand. Their uniform, their knowledge of the brand & products, their dress sense, their attitude are important elements in the buying process. Godiva spends time training their employees to understand each of their products, the history so they transmit that passion to each customer who visit their store. Your company uniform or professional corporate dress sense are important part of personal branding. For example, their chef chocolatiers wear the specially designed Godiva uniform which reflects the branding and adds to the class of the product and service offered, which helps differentiate the Godiva brand and eventually leads to new customers as well as more loyal customers.


Branding is quite often neglected or overlooked. Successfully branding your company attracts clients without having to pitch to them. Branding creates a desire and we know we buy on emotions. When I started my business in 2008, I positioned myself as an expert. I built a culture I wanted my team to follow clearly. This allowed me to work with successful international brands such as Suzuki, House of Fraser, LK Bennett, the London Chamber of Commerce and many more. My business image has also attracted a number of successful candidates who have joined my team to expand 3 Colours Rule.