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Creating a loyal base of customers is the core of your business, and to do this you must provide the best service. With the revolution created by social media, the exposure that your company gets on the internet can either rocket your business to huge heights or hinder it unsuccessful. This is because social media has made it possible for people all over the world to share opinions, recommendations and warnings against brands, therefore interacting with your customers both online and offline is of immense importance.

In the words of Walt Disney, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Establishing love between your company and customers leads to free promotion through word of mouth.

With this in mind, I will share some points that will help to ensure that your business attains and maintains a loyal following of customers both online and offline.

Listen to your customers

As I said in the beginning, the rise of social media has brought substantial changes in the ways people respond to brands, meaning that one negative comment online can lead to the loss of hundreds of customers. However, the open dialogue between customer and company means that you are able to conduct research to find out about the thoughts of your customers.  You can use the following methods to gather feedback from your customers;

·       Surveys

·       Focus Groups

·       Observation

·       Point of Sale

·       Customer Service

·       Social Media

·       Communities and Groups

·       Email and Web Forms

With this information you are given the opportunity to respond, so make sure that when you see a need or problem in regards to your company among customers, which you take notice and follow through on your response.

Internet interaction with customers

Your website is the customer’s first impression of your company, they use it as a way to find out more information about your company; the services you provide, products etc. Now, more often than not, we all experience trouble when trying to find something specific on a website, and get even more frustrated when the information is not visible to us. This is an experience that your customer can go through, so to avoid this you can install a social help desk programme; available with  Social help desk  is ‘ an all in one help desk’ combines both traditional and social media forms of communication; facebook, twitter, phone or chat into one location , so that you can deliver the best customer service.

Social customer service

Social media amplifies the voices of customers, which can either provide great or horrific exposure for your company. First, develop a customer strategy so that you know what questions to ask your customer in order to get the most efficient feedback. Next make the interactions with customers on these platforms personable, do not send out generic messages to solve generic problems. Listen to your customers, and be prepared to deal with a crisis on a public platform, to do this successfully respond immediately, and be clear with your response, personalise the service to the customer so that they feel valued and listened to by your company. This ensures that you maintain a loyal following, but also gain more customers through the public nature of company – customer interaction.

Self – service customer support

Ensure that you have base articles with an expiration date, this means that you are always refreshing the information available so that it is in accordance to any changes that your company has gone through. To add to this include a satisfaction rating button with each article, that way the customer is able to tell you whether the information available was helpful or not, this then allows you to gage responses and change things in accordance to the results. Finally, do not forget about the visual layout of the customer support service page, make sure the layout is simple and clear, so that the customer is able to find what they need with ease.