Branding Agency London – 3 Colours Rule is a creative brand design agency. From your brief to the launch, we help you build distinctive, effective and creative branding solutions. Our London brand & marketing consultants can help you create or revamp your brand. Contact 3 Colours Rule, your creative agency in London for a complimentary brand review or bespoke quote. In this article, discover how to create a luxury brand. 

Think of a luxury brand. What do you see? Elegance, celebrities, sumptuous packaging, exquisite products, noble materials and more. Luxury has always been a huge appeal: people want luxury products to distinguish themselves and show their worth.  If your product appeals to the luxury seekers, it is a real asset to brand your products appropriately. As a London Branding Agency, we have worked with many luxurious brands. Let us share our branding advice to help you build a luxury brand.

Luxury is about desire.

I) Your company’s universe

A luxury company has a strong identity and this makes it unique.

Story telling:

Where and why did you launch your brand? Tell your inspiration, your heritage and your journey. These are the elements people like to discover. Telling a story to your customers will make them feel closer to your brand. Moreover, it improves the authenticity and reputation of your brand.

Highlight your knowledge: 

Creating a high quality product is not given to everyone. It is the result of years of learning and experience. People want the best products: show them your products are a testimony of a great knowledge.

The colours of the company:

Always choose deep, classic and elegant colours. This is key for a luxury brand. Bright colours are used by good deal brands. Black, white, deep dark blue and gold are usually the colours to use.

Chose an elegant font:

You should immediately ban Comic font and all the eccentric fonts. A luxury brand has a classic font which reflects authenticity.

Have a great logo:

A luxury logo is letters or a symbol. The name/initial of the founders or coat of arms are very popular.

Logo we deigned for Immaculette

II) The packaging

Have you ever kept the box or a bag of a luxury product you purchased? Yes, that’s great luxury branding. They understand the important of packaging as it is part of the branding strategy. You must always choose good quality materials.  It can be soft textiles, high quality paper/carton or plastic. Your packaging has to reflect the quality of your products.

Be unique: create a packaging which is deferent from the others. Innovate to showcase your competitive advantage and sense of creativity.

Never put to much information on e packaging. Low range quality products tend to put a lot of information on their packaging to attract customers to buy their products. They are trying to be the best by all the necessary means. In luxury, less is more. Think Apple.

Visuals: Always use high quality pictures to present your products. The decision process to buy your products is already made before they enter your store or visit your website.

III) Your Advertisements

Luxury product advertisements work the same way as packaging. Enlighten your product with beautiful visuals. You can also promote one or two aspects which will be your selling point but never put too much. For instance, Apple simply presents its products with a white background, a relaxing music and nothing else.

Guerlain’s advertisement: the perfume and a beautiful woman.

Never lose the identity of your brand. Ensure font and colours are always similar throughout branding visuals. The product has to be the trigger to a hypothetical purchase.

The perfect example: Nespresso website

V) Have a good customer service

There is nothing worse than a luxury brand with a bad customer service. The ultimate rule is to consider each potential customer as a very VIP person. Luxury is about desire and distinction. Only position your brand in the luxury world if you can deliver high expectations of your target market.

IV) Your Website

Showcase your universe:

Consider you website like the door to your store. Create the wow factor. Keep your strong identity on every page.

Have an uncluttered website:

Less is more in the luxury world. Never put to much information. Enlighten your product by adding various pictures of your products with a short description. Let your visitors be immerged in your universe. Check out the Louboutin website

Avoid very long pages:

Scrolling forever are reserved to good deal websites. To place yourself as a luxury brand, split pages in short content and more visuals.

Creativity & elegance:

Create your own picture portfolio of beautiful photos. Always ensure the pictures are in high resolution so every detail can be scrutunised. Keep your website animation elegant.

Never emphasise the purchase button on your website. It is a bad choice and indicates desperation. Let your visitors take the time to discover your products. Luxury purchase is not rushed purchase. If all the branding around the products is well done, visitors will buy and keep a wonderful memory of their website experience.