Branding Agency London – 3 Colours Rule is a creative brand design agency. Numerous clients have chosen us for a full rebrand or to provide additional branding solutions for ongoing requirements. You can choose us as your marketing consultant, logo designer, website designer, exhibition designer or for brochure design. Contact 3 Colours Rule, your creative agency in London for a complimentary brand review or bespoke quote. This article provides advice on how to effectively use promotional merchandise for your business.

Promotional merchandise is an effective way to promote your brand and catch the attention of your prospects. There is a huge amount of products available. The choice is sometimes hard to make. Which one should you choose? How can you ensure your investment will be profitable? Here are few advice on how a good promotional merchandising strategy can be a great investment.

How to use effectively a promotional product

Choosing the right promotional product is important. In your decision process, keep in mind your target audience. Would this product appeal to potential clients? Would they use it regularly? For instance, lighters would not be well received if you were targeted the health sector. The perfect promotional product should cover two aspects: it must be useful and should enlighten your brand.

If you want to make your promotional product profitable, choose products that can be used regularly and unconsciously it will make your brand memorable. It is easier when the product in question answer a need. A good promotional product should add value to your brand. Always choose products in the same colour scheme as your brand identity. Your logo must always be clearly noticeable.



People love personalised gifts. It makes them feel special. Miriam’s Munchies, a cake company had the brilliant idea to give away small cupcakes to introduce their products. What was genius is that they gave people the possibility to write their name on their cupcake. The lucky receivers posted their cupcake on social media which gave this company a worldwide exposure. It was a lovely attention, it is still memorable and a great marketing strategy.

If you are selling food, beverages or beauty products, the best promotional product is a sample of your product. Indeed, people like to test products. The buying process is easier when you’ve tried it and loved it.

The most common mistake is to give out your promotional product without presenting your brand. If people take it without speaking to you or your representatives, they won’t know the benefits of your brand. Talk to people, and offer it to them at the end of the discussion as a thank you gift: promotional products are made to create a good relation with potential customers and existing customers.

The most popular option is to use low-cost promotional products. Here is a list of them, with an explanation on how to use it.



Pens are the most common promotion products. Nonetheless, it can be really efficient if your pen is different from the others. You have two options. The first one is to have an unusual pen. It can be a multi-colour pen for example. The second option is the best: choose a good quality pen which holds and writes well. Make your pen their favourite pen so they choose to use it every day. You can also offer it with a promotional notepad to make it even more handy.


Key Holder vs Shopping Coin

Avoid key holders as they always end up in the bottom of the drawers. Instead use shopping trolley coin. People shop every week and this is more likely to be used and your brand will strike in their mind unconsciously.

 vs B&Q-Shopping-Coin-3-Colours-Rule-Creative-Agency-London-Branding



Stickers are good merchandising products if they are artistic designs or original. Nonetheless, it is really rare for people to stick them on their goods unless your brand has an incredible notoriety (e.g. Apple Inc, Chanel, etc). If you choose the sticker option, suggest people how to use it without sounding patronising. A good sticker has to be catchy, useful, fun, or graphically original.


Candy vs Mint

A little box candy is always well received. Nonetheless, different types of candies work for different purposes. Jelly Beans and acid drops are fun to eat. They are great for events but they get eaten too fast. Therefore, short term brand impact. However, a box mint pills is a great choice in a B2B environment. They work well in a professional environment and most likely to be carried around for every external or internal meetings. Make sure to choose a practical and elegant box.

Jelly-Beans-3-Colours-Rule-Creative-Agency-London-Branding  vs   Mint-Box-3-Colours-Rule-Creative-Agency-London-Branding

Bottles of water

The best way to succeed with merchandising strategy is to fulfil needs. An exhibition is always a place which gets warm and where people will talk a lot. Therefore, visitors need to keep themselves hydrated. If you are exhibiting, order some promotional bottles of water and offer them to potential customers. They will carry your bottle around the exhibition floor and promote your brand for you. More effective than a box of chocolate. They will be thankful and it will help you stand out from other exhibitors.


Technology products

Technology promotional products commonly attract most people but they are the most expensive. The best options are a USB key or a portable power bank charger designed to charge smart phones. Too many companies are giving out USB keys so if you choose this option, make sure your USB is stylish & original and remember to include a company introduction into it. The portal power bank charger is the most desirable merchandise product you can offer. If you have the budget for it, don’t hesitate a second. It shows you are a well established company.


Everyday life objects

The best promotional products are still everyday life objects. For instance, the British love to drink tea. Why not offering beautiful mugs or personalised tea bags to new prospects or existing customers who haven’t ordered with you in a while? It rains often in the UK and an umbrella can be useful gift too. The more useful your product is, the more positively it will be received.

So before choosing your merchandise, take into consideration your audience and their daily lifestyle to guarantee a better impact for your brand and a greater return on investment.