Branding Agency London – 3 Colours Rule is London Brand Design Agency. We help SMEs improve their brand to drive more sales. We work with large corporations as a brand experience agency. Creating a great brand is not easy. What logotype to choose? What design to go for? Which colours to pick? The question gets even more complex if you are planning to expand overseas. Indeed, colours are understood differently in other countries. It would be unfortunate to lose an opportunity because of lack awareness. Find out how colours are interpreted throughout the world.
Red is mostly perceived as a positive colour all over the world. It stands for love, passion, and excitement. It is a weeding colour in India. Chinese see it as the colour of fortune: wearing red clothes during New Year can bring you luck for the rest of the year. Be aware that red was also associated with communism. In South Africa, red is the colour of mourning.



Blue is mostly perceived as a positive colour around the world. It stands for reliability, business, intelligence and courage. Nevertheless, in India “blue film” refers to pornography.


Think luck, nature or hope; and green comes to your mind. Green also has different meanings. Avoid green colours in Muslim countries: this is the colour of Islam and using it for business purpose would be seen as disrespectful to the religion. Local people can use it, but if you are a foreign business, please avoid it. Green is also forbidden in Indonesia because of Nyai Roro Kidul, the spirit of Indian Ocean.



Yellow is associated with youth and fun spirit. Gold is associated with nobility and royalty. Egyptians and Burmese wear yellow clothes to show their mourning.  Chinese people see it as the colour of the emperor, but also associated with pornography because of similar translation pronunciation. Finally, yellow reminds Israelis the stigmatisation Jewish people suffered for centuries.

Pink is a positive colour. Keep in mind it is a unisex colour in Asia.

Orange stands for the autumn and Halloween in Western Europe. It can also be associated with affordable products. This is not the case at all in India. Indeed, it is a sacred colour. Moreover, be mindful when using orange in Ireland. The country is known for the religious wars between Protestants and Catholics. Orange is associated with Protestants and on the other hand, green is for Catholics.

Purple stands for wealth, refinement and creativity in most part of the world. Nevertheless, it can be seen as an ominous for Catholics because of its association with crucifixion and witchcraft. Some Latin countries, such as Mexico, Brazil or Haiti use it as a mourning colour.

White is a prestigious colour in the western part of the world: it is associated with angels, weddings, purity. However, the interpretation is absolutely different in Asia. This is the colour of death. It can be seen as a curse in traditional India. Moreover, white is the colour of sadness in Eastern countries.

Funerals in Indonesia


Black is often perceived as a negative or classic colour. It reminds us of elegance, death, mourning, or sadness. Indians consider it as the colour of anger. However, black is often used in luxury.

Avoid these misinterpretations when expanding your business abroad. Each country has its own vision so always ask locals or business partners before expanding abroad.