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Google analytics is the ultimate tool to review your website marketing effort. This tool provides information on your visitors: number of daily visitors, visitors acquisition sources (Facebook for example), page they visited, bounce rate and so much more. Check it regularly to re-evaluate your inbound and outbound marketing strategy.


2. Moz (30 day trial)

Moz is an incredible platform for all SEO managers. It offers a lot of tools, such as a keyword helper, a rank tracker and also analytics. It reports your website position and keywords that rank your website. The strength of Moz is that it gathers all the information you need regarding keywords trends, your SEO strategy and your competitors’ SEO strategy. Moz is easy and fast to use. Try it for 30 days.


3. Hubspot (30 day trial)

Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. It combines the functionality of google analytics, hootsuite, A/B test marketing email and more. Try it for 30 days.


4. Quicksprout

Enter your website url on Quicksprout and receive a SEO report for free. It will give you a wonderful website analysis. It reveals the issues you should work on to improve your SEO. E.g speed, loading time, long titles, low keywords etc. It also includes a social media and competitors analysis.


5. Browseo

Browseo reveals the keyword strategy of your competitors: keywords, meta tags, H1, H2 etc. You will then be able to improve your keyword strategy to improve your ranking.


6. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas have created a tool to find the broken links on your website. With this tool, you will save loads of time. It is important to not neglect broken links on your website. A broken link can decrease your website’s ranking as Google prioritises websites with minimum broken links.


7. Alyze (French website)

Alyze is a French website but you can always use Google translate to use it. It analyses the use of your main keywords throughout your website. Moreover, Alyze enlightens the keywords that rank your website on search engines.


8. Word2cleanhtml

Word2cleanhtml is simple: copy and paste a word document and it will « tranform» it into a clean HTML. It is easy to use and it will make your website more google friendly. A clean HTML content will help you increase your SEO.


9. Hoostuite

Hootsuite is social media tool which helps social media users manage their social media accounts more effectively. The free standard account allows you to manage 3 social media accounts. The strength of Hootsuite? It allows you to schedule your posts. It is really useful when you are an entrepreneur and don’t have much time. Once your posts are scheduled, they automatically get delivered at the day & time you scheduled. You can also ask for a confirmation mail once it is online. Furthermore, you can manage all your accounts at the same time and save time.


10. Woorank

Woorank is the perfect tool for SEO beginners. It analyses your whole website and offers you a free and ludic report. Every errors found are clearly explained so you can correct them. Woorank also reveals the major issues you should work on, so you can improve your SEO.


We hope you found all these tools useful. Remember good SEO content is key. If you follow the rules, your SEO will surely improve. Do you use other SEO tools? Please, feel free to let us know.


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