Branding Agency London – 3 Colours Rule is a brand design agency. Our London branding consultants have worked on numerous projects to help our clients showcase the uniqueness of their brand. Branding your company effectively is crucial for your success. If you want to create your brand or revamp your existing one, please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary brand review or to find out what we can do for you. In this article we review the strategic use of a foreign company name.   

What is the common point between Häagen-Dazs, Pret A Manger and LG Electronics? They all use foreign branding. Indeed, Häagen-Dazs was founded in New York City, Pret A Manger is British, LG Electronics is Korean. More and more brands tend to use this display to attract new customers. Let’s see how foreign branding works and how you could use it for your own business.

Foreign branding is about suggesting a particular country origin whereas the product are manufactured in an other part of the world. This is a whole marketing strategy.  Cosmetics brands often use French or Italian names, same for the textile industry. Non-english-speaking countries love American or British names. The purpose of a such operation is to use the common projections to make your product different from the others. Haagen Dazs sounds like a Scandinavian name, it implies the knowledge of ice-cream or the freshness of the product for instance.

Häagen-Dazs’ first store at 120 Montague Street, Brooklyn, New York

What is the point of using a foreign name?

People love foreign names. They see it as a quality guaranty, but also as a the embodiment of a long and interesting story. Foreign branding is about suggesting quality, prestige, and luxury.
People want high quality. Having a foreign name suggest your knowledge has been imported. This is the guarantee of a good quality. Moreover, your business becomes a unique experience: it now stands for a unique journey to the country in question.

People want to feel different. It is always nicer to use a product from another part of the world than using the local one that everybody can have.

People are keen on luxury. A foreign name also implies the result of an importation. If the good is imported, it is because it is worth it. Though, it creates an effect of rarity, and so prestige.

Foreign brand is also about using the common ideas of a country to create a competitive asset for your product. A foreign name will give your product the prestige of the country. Each country has its own characteristics :

  • France is the capital of fashion and gastronomy.
  • Italy is also well-know for those two areas.
  • Germany stands for good quality of technology and resistance in time
  • Japan is seen as an innovative country such as South Korea.
  • The United Kingdom stands for good manufactured products, elegance and prestige.

Keep in mind that foreign branding is also a double-edged sword. Your company name can be misunderstood in different parts of the world. Colgate encountered huge crisis while exporting their products in latin America. Colgate means «Hang yourself» in Spanish. If you wish to expand your business overseas, always be aware of cultural differences.

To conclude, the name of a product is the result of a long reflection. Using a foreign name can help you stand out.