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Marketing is an integral part of every business, it is what launches a brand into existence within the minds of consumers.  At its most basic a marketing plan defines a company’s customers; who they are, where they get their information from and how to reach them. The implementation of a marketing strategy for your business involves defining a plan to advertise and promote your product and services, below are a few points to help ensure that your business implements a marketing plan successfully.

Conduct research

Start by analysing the potential market for your product or service; you can carry out research by using resources such as That way you are able to get an understanding of the level of competition within your market, and also see the different marketing strategies used by these companies. To add to this, research details about the prospective consumers ; age, sex, buying preferences, economic status and financial resources, in order to further inform your marketing strategy. That way you are able to use this to change and mould your marketing plan to those consumers, to ensure further exposure to the target consumers.


Assign tasks

Set up a meeting with those that are involved in the execution of the marketing strategy to inform them about the plan and let each of them know the tasks required of them. Create a project plan system that lists all the tasks that need to be completed within your time frame, by visually mapping out the execution of your strategy you are able to divide responsibilities between staff members, and even alter who does what in accordance to the knowledge gained in the meeting. Also, ensure that you make each staff accountable for the tasks you have set them, and monitor their progress , thus maintaining the advancement of the marketing plan.

Marketing strategy tasks

Implementation of marketing plan

Firstly confirm the final version of the plan with input from all the invested parties, ensure that the finalised budget is in accordance to the annual goals. Also produce a range of versions of the plan for each group and formulate a system to track and monitor the plan, to add to this you should develop a performance management and reward system to monitor the progress of the strategy. Moreover present the plan your entire company and establish the annual departmental plan around the corporate plan, and ensure to schedule monthly meetings about the strategy giving you and your team the opportunity to report progress and set annual review dates for new assessment and an annual plan review.