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Magazines are multi-faceted forms of expression that are consumed by millions of people all over the world. It offers a space where people, companies can share information, products that become a part of the reader’s life, thus creating an established audience of consumers that you can tap into. Getting featured in a magazine is like your company being handed a megaphone within an arena of your target audience – you are guaranteed to get exposure and notice.  Achieving this level of exposure for your brand would be exceptional, so below are my top tips to help get featured in leading magazines.


Leading magazines have already built a loyal following of customers, who according to the content that gets featured within its pages, therefore the cooperation is extremely selective with who and what is allowed to be printed on its pages. So, before approaching any you need to research which magazines have readers that would be interested in your product. You can do this by finding the media kits of each magazine which includes demographics like age, sex, buying patterns etc of their readers. Ensure that you create a database of the magazines that are in harmony with your product and brand, which also contains a list of the right people to contact which can be found on the websites or research using the internet.


Journalists are busy people that constantly working to meet a plethora of tight deadlines, and are also forever receiving e-mails, letters from companies that want to be featured by them. Therefore you have to make their job easier by providing the information they need; ensure that the subject line of your email is catchy, short and straight to the point, this should be the same for the content of your email – you want to catch their attention enough so they want to read your email, and pick up the phone to find out more about you.  Also, you should sign up to HARO (Help A Reporter Out); a website that connects journalists with source experts to meet their deadlines, that enables brands to tell their stories. It is a process that enables sources to search for topics that relate to their expertise and pitch to the according to journalist. To add to this Resource Source is another great online platform you can use to connect with journalists; you upload a press release about your business/product that is then accessed by thousands of journalists.


When writing a press release you need to demonstrate your knowledge about the magazine; it must be personable to each publication you decide to contact. Show that you understand the themes of the magazine, the type and way content is presented. Also, do not focus on ‘selling’ your product, but rather provide information about the product, and a need or opportunity for the magazine’s readers, while connecting this with your product’s benefits.  Furthermore, make the content of your press release engaging, so that the story you tell resonated with the magazine’s readers. Remember people buy on emotion, so ensure that your story is relatable so that the readers relate to your product or service on a personal level.



While also consisting of articles, magazines are visual mediums that enable the reader to experience a brand or product on a purely visual basis. Therefore, you must ensure that you have attractive, professional photographs of your product before submitting anything to magazines. To add to this, ensure that your website is at the best level possible, combine both visual and written information about your brand, products and services. Not only is this professional, but it means that those editors are met with a great impression of your brand when they decide to conduct research into you. Furthermore, there are many instances when an editor does not have space in the next issue for product pitches, making the editor more likely to include a great visual of a product, so take advantage of this and seen in high-quality photographs of your work.