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Regardless of your professional sector, productivity is always one of the biggest challenges. Especially since the rise of the communication technologies that brought much more distractions in our offices. So much that these last few years, countless time management apps or other productivity softwares have emerged, unfortunately, they often end up unused. In this article we will not advise you new tools, but rather remind you of the most effective things you can do to improve your productivity by yourself. Thus you will find our selection of the most effective and simple productivity methods that benefit from a scientific approval.


This one is obvious, but you would be surprised how much people just don’t apply this simple rule. Allow yourself breaks, regularly, whether you’re overdue or overload with work, working continuously will NOT allow you to get more things done, on the contrary. A famous violin prodigy gave out his daily routine: a 15 to 20 minutes break every 90 minutes of work, this proved to be increasing significantly the musician’s concentration, implication and efficiency. This is not an absolute rule, you need to find your own pace, but we would strongly advise not to exceed 2 hours of work in a row.

Productivity Pace


Multitasking is a fraud, a legend. It just doesn’t work, so if you tend to do it, stop right now. Striving to dedicate to only one task at a time will consequently increase your productivity, that’s a guaranty. Indeed, every time you switch activities, it costs you extra time, you brain needs a moment to recalibrate, your concentration too to regain its higher levels. Consequently, you need to learn to procrastinate on purpose, that is to say postpone the less urgent.

Studio shot of young woman working in office covered with adhesive notes


If you are the person in charge, it’s critical to know how to delegate properly. One on the main source of problems is that people simply don’t trust each other enough to do a task as well them. They believe teaching someone how to do something well enough takes more time. Not only we advise you to actually take this time to teach your assistants, colleagues, employees, but we also urge you accept that some tasks won’t be done perfectly according to you.

Moreover, you can’t delegate well if you can’t prioritise, you need to carefully choose which tasks must be done by you and the ones that don’t. For instance, many executives that work with an assistant ask them to filter their mails.

Productivity Delegating

Finally, try to identify what tasks can be automated, most of us already set up automatic mail endings, and that’s a good start. Therefore, try to identify in your activity what can be programmed and make the most of it. Effective routine tasks improve productivity.