Branding Agency London – 3 Colours Rule is a creative branding agency based in London. We work with entrepreneurs, SMEs and international corporations to engage their audience and attract prospects. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters, marketing consultants, brand experts provide bespoke creative branding, marketing & business consultancy, brand experience and graphic design. From your brief to the launch, we help you build distinctive, effective and creative branding solutions to stand out from your competition. Contact 3 Colours Rule, your creative agency in London for a complimentary brand review or bespoke quote. In this article, we explain how to choose the right media for your ads.

Before launching any advertising campaign, there are a few things you should consider carefully. For instance, the amount of money you will need to spend for your campaign has proven to show no correlation with the results gained. However, its effectiveness is rather inextricably linked to the message formulated. Moreover, repetition is also key to the improvement of a campaign’s results. Regarding investment, keep in mind that advertisement should never be an expense, but an investment. There must be  75% expectation that the ad will drive enough sales to cover the initial cost.

In order to make sure that your message is relevant and believable, think carefully of what information you want to showcase and what reaction you expect from your target. Is your purpose to promote the name of your business or to attract customers? Is your message logical or emotional? Knowing that between emotion and logic, emotion will always win. Once you specified precisely the content of your ad, you target market, you can finally consider the most appropriate media.



The costliest of all media, however, many famous brands still advertise on it because of its prestige. In addition to the high impact and potential of videos (with tools like music, visuals and sound to help your message) it grants you to possibility to target psychographic profiles. Therefore, if you are considering this media we advise you to focus on the prime times (after 6pm), weekends and to buy on specific shows corresponding to your targets preferences.



With the 2nd highest reach per pound ratio, radio has undeniable qualities. It’s cheap, and great for local businesses and call to actions ads. We also recommend this media if your main goal is to raise your brand awareness. In terms of schedule, the best advertising times are during the commuting and in the morning.



  • Billboard/Outdoor ads

They provide the highest reach per pound ratio and allow a great geographical targeting but is limited to a picture and 8 words.

  • Newspaper

Because of its short lead time, this media is appropriate for call to action ads or to reach customers that are already in your market. Besides, in case you want to display a large amount of information, newspapers definitely give room for details.

Newspaper headlines

  • Magazine

Although quite expensive, Magazine ads provide a high impact and great precision in the targeting. However, since it has a long lead time, this media implies infrequency in the repetition of your marketing message, therefore, we advise it for global branding campaigns.



Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter are making easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to reach a larger audience at much cheaper rate than all the above. It has been so successful to learn entrepreneurs into millionaires.   For marketers, the great asset of the internet is the traceability of its users. Thus, the information of the users allows you to perform an extremely precise targeting, such as on their preferences. But, unlike any other media, it also informs you on the impact of your campaign and the return on interest. Moreover, online advertising is highly flexible and customization, therefore, your message can be often refreshed and matured. Finally, any format applies.


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