Branding Agency for SMEs London – 3 Colours Rule is a creative branding agency for SMEs based in London. We mainly work with SMEs but also with entrepreneurs and international corporations to engage their audience and attract prospects. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters, marketing consultants, brand experts provide bespoke creative branding, marketing & business consultancy, brand experience and graphic design. From your brief to the launch, we help you build distinctive, effective and creative branding solutions to stand out from your competition. Click here to contact 3 Colours Rule, your creative agency in London for a complimentary brand review or to discuss ideas on your next project. This video explains the importance of branding. We wanted to showcase what powers holds a great brand. Enjoy this watch.


Watch the video presentation of our work



Branding Agency for SMEs – Our Process

The success of a business starts with a great brand. The way you present your brand will define your values, credibility and will attract or not your target. We will help you launch your business more effectively with our methodical work process. 

  • Step 1: Brand Session
    During our drawing board session, our team of specialists review your business to understand how to effectively and creatively showcase the uniqueness of your brand and your vision.
  • Step 2: Research & Ideas
    Our brand strategists conduct a methodical and detailed research on your industry, market & trends, patterns, consumer behaviour, company culture to effectively strategise and build your long-term strengths.
  • Step 3: Message & Positioning
    Based on information gathered and analysed in step 2, our brand strategists and copywriters will build your unique brand identity: who, what and why you stand out from the competition. It will be used to communicate clearly and consistently with prospects, employees and externally.
  • Step 4: Visual Identity & Launch
    We then can craft a brand that is unique and authentic.  We will create a brand that fits with your brand identity, appeals to your customers and engage your team. After completion of your brand, you will also give you materials you need to run and present your business effectively.