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Starting up a new brand automatically means decisions, decisions, decisions. All of a sudden, as if out of thin air, offers start coming your way asking you to do this or do that. Focusing on what it is you truly want becomes somewhat difficult, if not almost impossible. The NEW way to deciding which colours suit your brand is hot and fiery.

For your busy day, decisions have to be made left right and centre. It gets hard to decide on everything. You may suffer “decision fatigue”, whatever the situation this NEW, hot and fiery way of accessing a state of being, where you can access the wisdom of your true self, takes less than 2 minutes.

Set the context. Quietly or out loud say to yourself: “I am going to access and see the colour most suitable for me and my collection, brand or upcoming project.”

The new way to deciding which colours suit your brand comes from within the practice of the Breath of Fire.

Find a quite place (you can use the toilet if you need to), close your eyes and centre yourself. Take a few big deep breaths and relax your shoulders. Breath into your belly and lift both hands up for “YES”, high in the air and make a fist with your fingers, palms and wrists. Take another belly breath and on exhalation, start pumping air out. Focus on exhaling, it’s as if you say “humph” with your exhale. Repeat again and again. You will be taking in small inhales so don’t worry if it feels weird. It’s supposed to be. You need to feel into your tummy and breathe out from there. Pump air out for about a minute and when you reach a time that you want to stop, keep pumping air out just a tad longer. It is in the exhale, extra bit, that the true colour for you shows up. It is in the zone of the uncomfortable. Once you’ve reached that place, you’ve pumped the extra air out, take a big inhale and hold for the count of 4, then return to your normal breath.

Whatever colour shows up for you in that extra bit and the holding of breath for 4, that is the colour you want to go for.

The colour shows up but there’s still the need to go check out what shades of this colour is trendy for 2016. For example, if you saw red, check out the shades of red for this year and pick the one that resonates not your favourite, the one that resonates.


Since we are approaching this decision making from a new way which involves non-tangible methods, we also ought to use a different judgement system in us and in this case, just the word “resonate” rather that “favourite” is enough to trigger the appropriate system in you.


Smile. The benefits of doing the Breath of Fire are extraordinary and they will seep into all areas of your life. What more could you want than to integrate work with health and perhaps a sense of pleasure that feels through your body during and after the 2-minute breath exercise. Most people find that the Breath of Fire is an incredible practice that leaves them invigorate, down to earth and super refreshed. It brings you back to yourself. Back to the real You. It takes a couple of minutes and it’s an intense, super fast meditative state you can reach anytime anywhere.


The Breath of Fire is a pranayama practice that benefits the whole muscular body, remove scary toxins and sharpen your toxins!


Interject: “How do I know I can trust that answer, that source? You know, the colour that shows up or doesn’t show up?”


Well, breathing is our birth-right, extending this right via the Breath of Fire, takes you to a place where expanded version of you lies, where expanded wisdom lies. It’s a place where none of us goes very much, so it’s a bit like an untouched exotic island. It’s yours though. All for you. This has been hidden from us for years and now we can remember. That place is trustworthy because you reach it by yourself, with just your breath. Isn’t that wonderful? A decision reached by our own efforts is a decision worth standing for. 



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Step 1. Busy day, find a quite place for 2 minutes

Step 2. Set your context: “I will see the colour for my next brand.”

Step 3. Do the Breath of Fire

Step 4. Check out the trendy 2016 shades of the colour you saw and pick the one that resonates with you.

Step 5. Become aware of the incredible benefits this practice can have on your life.

Get into the practice of tuning into your inner world so you can really figure out for yourself what is what. Learn how to  avoid being a ‘decision-making machine’ who is unavailable for emotions by following the playful way to self-love.


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Taking the first step is easy, you can do it because this line of work is for you, it’s you doing it for you.

With love and with light