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Louis Vuitton is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. It is a fashion powerhouse and not only a leader, but a synonym for luxury.  However the road to this global success began with the bravery of a young teen, who decided that the small town in which he was born was not enough, so he began the agonising walk to opportunity, culture and hustle, the streets of Paris. This young boy is of course Louis Vuitton himself, who upon arrival in Paris, landed an apprentice position with Monsieur Maréchal, a box maker, and as the years went by, Vuitton mastered this skill, and decided to open his own company.



1854 saw the beginning of Louis Vuitton luxury travel items, it is here that Vuitton started to build the foundation for the company. Vuitton advertised his services to the public with the following written on a small poster; “Securely packs the most fragile objects. Specialising in packing fashions.”

With the recent rocketing in travel, Vuitton had decidedly invested in a niche service that had acquired an immense appetite. The point here is that you should aim to ensure that your business is offering something that is needed within the world. This doesn’t have to be something new, there can be five successful shoe shops on the same street, so long as each of them is offering something that is different and unique to them. Essentially, this is the most fundamental element of your business; it must possess and offer services, products that are unique to it. Your business has to provide a reason for consumers to go there rather than anywhere else.



After four years of carefully packaging the goods of the rich, Vuitton innovated the travel trunks, by introducing the flat-top trunk, Vuitton had solved the packing problems associated with the rounded-top trunk. To add to this genius innovation, Vuitton used grey Trianon canvas for the trunks, which also protected goods from water, something unavailable with the old trunks. The introduction of this new colour also created a society of exclusivity. Regardless of how successful your current products and services are, you must always be in the mindset of innovating, changing and  creating something that is new or improving on what you currently have. Take the big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and so on, each of these titans follow the same mantra as Vuitton, of constantly reinventing and providing new products,  services that satisfy current consumers and enchant new ones.



Going to the people

The company took this new design and participated in the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris, a huge international exhibition of goods, services, inventions, arts, from 50,226 exhibitors. Thus providing a loud, mixed international arena filled with people desiring to find something new and different.  Therefore exhibitions have long been an extremely opportunistic place for companies to share their products and services, not only with the general public but with key players in the industry. It provides a space where you are able to meet your customers face to face, giving you the opportunity to conduct live market research, thus enabling you to make the necessary changes to please your customers and attract more. To add to this, attending an exhibition enables you to meet business owners within your industry, which means you can investigate the competition, but also initiate collaborations and partnerships.



Following the death of Louis Vuitton in 1892, the company was taken over by his son; Georges Vuitton. In 1896, Georges took the vital steps to create the signature Monogram Canvas and make the worldwide patents on it; graphic symbols, including quatrefoils and flowers – thus protecting them from counterfeits. By establishing this brand image, Georges Vuitton ensured that the company had established a visual representation of their company, which differentiated it from others, but also  provided a symbol that would anchor itself in the minds of the consumers. Visual branding is essential for your business, you have to create a symbol or image that embodies what your business is about, so that it is visually communicated to the world.


Changing with the times, but remaining the same.

In 2008, Louis Vuitton saw its stock plummet from 40 to 10 at the end of 2008, but this did not lead the Vuitton Company to change its message, products or company. Precisely because it is essential that a luxury brand remains consistent, as they become cultural reference points when the world changes; “They have to be beacons of a certain point of view.” Accordingly, because of what the company stands for, there was a huge increase in profit ion 2010 thanks to the Asian market – who recognized the luxury label and quality of the brand.

Nevertheless, the Vuitton brand is able to change the way it markets its business with the uncontrollable rupture of online advertising created by social media platforms. This ensures that not only established customers are connected with, but provides a digitised hand to grab the rest of the world.  Hence, you must ensure that your business is always able to maintain its core values, but constantly reinvent the way you do things in accordance to the variety of tools available in the world.



Building a brand, establishing what the brand is about, the material used, the time spent in production. The audience it’s intended for. These factors are inherent in the creation of any brand, but to ascend to the luxury level, one has to keep to the elemental features of the brand, but always be looking to innovate and change your chosen arena. Ensure that like Louis Vuitton you go to the consumers, buyers and so on to introduce and sell your brand. Regardless of what happens with your profit margins do not change what the brand stands for, this ensures that you create a constant anchor of your brand within the minds of consumers/buyers/and the public. It is this that allows the reputation of your brand to supersede someone ever seeing a product in person, they already know that your brand and its product are of luxury, just like Louis Vuitton.



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