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Instagram has enabled the visual exploration of an infinite number of worlds created by individuals.  With a swift movement of a thumb or fore finger, you are given access to millions and millions of divergent opinions, thoughts, and feelings on various subjects from polar opposite points of the Earth, which have been rounded up and packed into this neat app.  Now for a business, Instagram has incorporated two of the greatest forces of social media marketing; mobile and visual. Which for you as a business owner equates to free exposure. To add to this, you are given unlimited access to the social media minds of both loyal and potential customers.  As a business, Instagram has given you a platform where you are able to communicate with the public in the simplest of manners; images and video clips. This social media engagement can be extended to many of the other social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Below are five main points that you can use to effectively use Instagram, and expand your brand’s international reach.

Be strategic with your posts:

Your Instagram feed is the only snippet of visual information that your consumers will see of your brand, so it follows that you become cerebral with what you post on your page. You can do this by scheduling what you post well in advance, in a way that corresponds to any new development, product or promotion your brand is running. A great example of this is Nike, Starbucks, these companies are able to inform their followers of a new product or promotion without it feeling like a typical advertisement. This is because each video or image, not only includes the product, but focuses  on the customer, their experience of it, how it betters, inspires or fills a need of theirs. The product becomes secondary to the customers, to give this type of effect, be creative, different with the images and videos on your Instagram feed, so that you emotionally capture the target audience.

Important note, Google analytics cannot provide accurate traffic data, so you can use a customized link in the URL of your Instagram bio. You can then check the link data to record how many clicks your Instagram platform is sending to your website. In addition, ensure to use different links every time a new link, campaign or landing page is added to successfully traffic leads. With this information, you can begin to work out the peak times your followers  are on Instagram, and start to post more at these times, thus increasing engagement with followers.

Another important point is that URLS in the photo description are not clickable, to overcome this you can post a link of the latest content in the bio or direct people to your homepage.


What to post

Posting a variety of images and videos is a great way to take full advantage of the visual storytelling Instagram has made capable. Combining images with captions is a proven way to capture your audience, for example you can post inspiring, motivational, funny quotes with the right graphic and hashtags. Videos are an amazing way to share a story, experience and are extremely engaging, Instagram has video editing features, where you hold the record button and pause when you want to start a new scene or you can upload videos that have been pre-recorded and edited. Another great way to be more interactive with your followers, is asking them to create videos and post them on your page. Nike is a great example of how a business should use Instagram, with continuous posting of inspirational visuals, the focus is put squarely on the viewer not the product, although that features in the visual. The goal is to make your Instagram for your audience rather than for purely selling, and you will see an influx in followers.

Apps for images: Quick , Afterlight, Superimpose  Camera Awesome

Apps for videos:  Vintagio, PicPlayPost , Lapse It, Boomerang.


Use of hashtags and connecting more with followers

Instagram has an explore feature, that lets you see which hashtags are trending, that way you can evaluate whether any of the hashtags are related to your post, or if you can add some to your post. With hashtags being universal, the right use of a trending hashtag can see you acquire followers from all over the world.

However, more information about your followers is required so that you can interact with them on different platforms, for example their email. To get this, you can share a post with a call to action and link in your bio, for example click here to download eBook, or sign up for a newsletter.

Then you can interact with the email subscribers keeping them up to date with any new development or product, which will help them move to your other social media platform and blog posts.

Furthermore, you can make a page landing page that is designed specifically for your Instagram followers, by using messages, references to Instagram and a similar aesthetic to the way your brand is represented on Instagram. In that way, followers are given a seamless transition from your Instagram page to your website.

Sponsored ads 

Sponsored ads have given an entirely new arena for brands to target their audience, this is because brands are now able to post photo/video updates that are seen not only by their followers, but anyone else in their target demographic by appearing on their timeline.  Thus giving the brand access to millions of potential followers/customers all over the world, this means that your brand must be ready with a variety of content that is specifically for a range of different audience from all over the world.

Moreover, you can look for Instagram accounts that are already accommodates to your target audience, and pay for sponsored posts on them. You’ll recognize which accounts accept paid sponsorship because they will have an email link in their bio; ‘For business enquiries’. Email them, briefly informing them about your brand, and ask for their sponsored posts pricing.

Once you have come to an agreement with the account, make sure to review their past posts, to gather information about what type of images, style, and videos got the most engagement, keep this in mind when you are creating your Instagram post. It is better to link back to your Instagram account rather than trying to send users to your website. This type of strategy is a great way to gain thousands of followers in your demographic overnight. Now you need to post content that appeals and is nurturing to your followers, while gently introducing them to your brand.

Connect with Instagram influencers;

These are internet celebrities that have a huge following, who trust their opinion and endorsement of different brands, products and services. By aligning yourself with influencers that accord to your brand, you increase your follower reach and brand exposure. Once you have found an Instagram influence that fits your brand, find an interesting angle to work form, for example contests, giveaways and the tag a friend in the comment section contest. Ensure that the influencer includes your brand/account name by tagging it in the photo or video clip. Ask for the inclusion of relevant information in the post, for example a call to action; learn more on our website. With the incorporation of influencers and contests in your marketing strategy, you are using the most effective ways to gain new user and convert them into customers.

Final thoughts

The interactive, purely visual social media world created by Instagram has given businesses a unique platform where access to their followers and target demographic is constant. To add this, the nature of the app has coerced brands to completely rethink the way in which to promote themselves, which is a really exciting position to be in as brand, a reinvention of old marketing methods, it is somewhere you can be completely creative and free, with the sole aim of informing the world about who you and your brand are. Also with the continuous improvements Instagram is constantly making, placing your business on this platform, will induce growth and visibility in the social media world.