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Twitter is a microblogging tool that enables you to interact with all types of people, and opens the channels of communication between business owners and customers. With 320 million active users a day, it is clear why so many companies use Twitter as a marketing tool. To add to this, it is the differences in comparisons to other social media tools, that really makes Twitter stand out because ;

  • Unlike Facebook where status is filtered, Tweets appear in the feed of every follower.
  • Unlike Pinterest it is easier to have conversations on the pictures or videos that you Tweeted out
  • Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter allows you to follow anyone you want, and vice versa, which enables you to interact with both customers and influencers.
  • Unlike Google+ Twitter enables you to organise people into lists, which then organises your conversations with them in such groups.

With this, magnitude of transparent connectivity, and ease of creating a Twitter account, any business can make the mistake of using the platform solely and purely for business purposes, with automated tweets promoting only their business, and not bothering to interact with anyone. To avoid this, we have gathered a few points to show you how to use Twitter effectively for business purposes.


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Be Strategic

Due to the ease of jumping into Twitter, many forget to plan a marketing strategy, or just how one intends to use the tool. However by taking extra time to define your goals, you are able to really maximise the options available from Twitter. By clearly planning and stating:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are the key players in your industry that you want to interact with?
  • How will you interact with these people; pictures, videos, vlogs, blogs, articles ?
  • What is your long term goal? – increasing international reach, building brand awareness.
  • Who is your company? What is the company personality?
  • What is your company voice?

Digital Devices Business Growth Success Startup Concept

Be active

Twitter moves incredibly fast, with new trending topics and hashtags coming and going within the same minute, so you have to make a habit of using Twitter on a daily basis. The best way to do this, is to schedule set times for Twitter usage, where you or someone on your team can take on the following tasks;

  • Respond to Tweets.
  • Respond to DMs.
  • Follow new accounts.
  • Like and Re- tweet other content.
  • Research topics that are trending, and incorporate them into your posts.
  • Use Sprout Social to schedule, publish and analyse posts
  • Thank new followers.

Make a checklist of the activities that need to be completed on a daily basis, so that you create both responsibility and accountability, which ensuring that this work is completed every day. This also makes it a lot easier for new employees to pick up and follow these tasks.

In addition to this, ensure that your Twitter account is always monitored in order for you to respond to customer queries, complaints, and mainly to interact and respond to everyone in real time.

Be human

Simply put, people will not follow a Twitter account that constantly posts things associated solely with just the promotion of their business and products. It is boring. With that in mind, Twitter is the best platform to build a personality for your brand, which will allow people to connect with you, and will ensure that your business stands out among everything else. Red Bull, Nike, Starbucks are fantastic examples of using a brand personality to connect and reach more people. So when creating this business character, ask yourself; What do you want to be? Entertaining? Conventional? Energetic? Informative? Upbeat? Whatever personality you decide on, you must be consistent with it in all your posts, social media platforms and websites.

The second part is Tweeting like a person, by interacting with people, retweeting, replying to Tweets even if they don’t clearly mention you, because this makes you more human; to like topics that interest you personally, rather than always promoting your business.


Be Promotive

Many business and bloggers do not always monitor their Twitter dashboard, but my mentioning them in your post; @mention, they receive a notification. This is a great way to interact with both influencers and your chosen audience. By consistently promoting others you will begin to form a following of influencers,  that take will the time to read your Tweets but will also mention your content in their Tweets too. From here, you can develop an online relationships which can progress into partnership opportunities.

Be Bold

When you are Tweeting, you have to create eye-catching headlines so that people are attracted to the Tweet, and continue on to reading it. On top of this, you have to figure out how you will divide the 140 characters per Tweet, in which you subtract characters for  URL’s and any @mentions you include. To overcome this you can use the 4-U approach;

  • Useful; ensure that the information in the headline is relevant.
  • Unique; present information in a creative way, so to arouse curiosity.
  • Urgent; limit the availability on blog posts, informative videos and so on, to make it more enticing to click.
  • Ultra-specific – identify the specifics of the post, the benefits, so that people are able to connect with them and click.

Be careful not to make headlines that oversell the content that you are sharing, because although you may get a few more clicks, not many of them will stick around. Also, ensure that you do not use long headlines when it is possible, because studies show 50-60% of the most effective headlines are eight words or less which That fits perfectly with Twitter’s short character limit.


Be Creative

 The variety of tools available with Twitter means there really is no excuse to not be creative with each post. By using Twitter videos, polls and Twitter Cards, the standard of your Tweets will transform, and make you stand out even more. Utilising Twitters feature, you can create small videos, moreover live Tweet images at events, or Vlogging a day in the life of your business – can really help in connecting with your followers.  Finally be sure to experiment with Twitter ads, which you can use to

  • Get followers
  • Generate traffic
  • Earn leads
  • Build engagement
  • Promote apps

Be sure to think outside the box so that you can give your followers exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else. By doing this you will entice new followers and improve your engagement with your followers.