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The digital revolution has enabled people all over the world to connect, creatively, financially and so on. With the sharing of ideas , people have realised the worth of their designs, innovation,  and now more than ever have the financial support from people all over the world to bring these ideas into the world, with websites like Kickstarter, Google’s lending club, 3D printing. The continuously ready nature of the world to bring innovative creations into the world, can completely disrupt an entire industry, and its established ways of conducting business.

With the flooding of new apps, technologies and ways of conducting business, digital disruption has been a huge issue and topic for business owners. There seems to be a constant worry or fear that liggers among businesses, the idea of being rendered outdated or useless. However, this is not the case at all, in this article we will define what digital disruption is and the ways in which your business can prepare for it.

What is it?

The inception of the digital age not only saw the beginning of the end for the long established ways that people conduct business but actual industries. The constant influx of apps, technological advances along with the transparency of communication and exchange all over the world, destroyed the monopoly that industries had, and shifted their power to the people; the customers. A great example of this is the emergence of Netflix, which resulted in the end of networks such as NBC, CBS, and ABC from charging extreme amounts for advertising, reducing their revenue and forcing such companies to offer similar services like video on demand in order to compete and maintain customers. Digital disrupting is the development of new technology or service for customers that completely overthrows the old established ways of conducting business.

For a  business, this means a constant combative relation with the digital modernisation of the world, but this does not mean that one should give up on the way which you conduct business but rather that you should use these digital creations to your advantage.   In addition to this, as a business owner, you should always be thinking of new ways to innovate the way you conduct business, the services and products you offer, not just to combat digital disruption, but for your business to grow and progress.


This is new digitalised world we live in creates a cut throat atmosphere for business, because the next minute of business could be the last time conducting business in that manner. To avoid the shock of this happening, you should develop a pristine digital strategy which will enable you to examine your business, its position in the digitalised world, and where you stand in regards to your competitors. Doing this will ensure that you identify any weakness that you to need to improve on, and   by doing this continuously you will inevitably innovate the products and services which you offer.

Give time to think of how your industry will be conducting business in the next ten years and begin to implement that today. This way you are always ahead of any new advancement, product or service that could disrupt you.


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A great example of the power of innovation is Google who has created an innovation lab where people are employed purely to create new products and ways of doing business, thus always keeping them to be ahead of the constantly changing digital world. By setting up this type of infrastructure in your business you are always creating new ways of doing business, before anyone else does and you become a victim of this new advancement. Aim to disrupt your own industry from within, however with innovation labs make sure that you implement a strategy to manage innovations; the material, budget that will be required to bring them into the world, otherwise the money, time, and effort spent on an innovation could hinder your business rather than help it bring noticeable change to the world.

However, you must understand that these innovations need to happen quickly in order to withstand the constant release of new digital forms that competitively beat the already existing products and services within your industry. To do this successfully, avoid embarking on long projects that will take years to complete. Instead, create small goals and measure the impact these steps have. The advantages of smaller changes are that you are able to change and mould them accordingly to the environment that your business is experiencing.


Make sure that you scout out the fellow competitors within your industry – what they are doing, so that you can innovate more and surpass their efforts. Create and possess an all-encompassing perspective of your customers & business partners, so that you are always in contact with the customers – have knowledge of their needs, complaints and wants. with that, being in connection with business partners opens the doors into what they are doing, and maintains the possibility and opportunity for collaborations – innovations, services and methods of business Most importantly, be the first to implement the idea, new service  – this keeps your business ahead of the curb. It longer falls victim to the digital technologies/services, but rather gives you the power and position to lead in your chosen industry – and continue to build and grow it.