Branding and creativity are the soul of a business authenticity and differentiation. Companies need a solid base to build on it for finding new solution, new tools or new process. Branding is this solid construction of your brand growth and success.

The branding and design agency 3 Colours Rule uses a different creative branding process to help their clients to become more creative. Every activity sector has its own specificities but all of them has to follow and understand these rules:

  1. Never make any assumption
  2. Collaborate with people who think differently
  3. Challenge the status quo
  4. Re-apply innovation from an industry to yours to lead your market
  5. Remain aware of cultural differences

Inside the creative branding and design agency 3 Colours Rule, the two departments, the brand marketing department and the brand design department work together to help their clients find the unique service and product solutions

The creative and design agency 3 Colours Rule created a process of creativity based on the different backgrounds of the team combine with the different skills of them for helping their clients to achieve their aims.

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