3 Colours Rule, we are a London creative branding agency with a track record of success in developing existing brands and creating successful new brands.  Business is personal to us and we only work with business individuals we believe in so we can support their success and build long-term relationships. While the advertising world is moving fast with trends, codes according to the new technologies, there is one sector where the communication doesn’t change that much: the luxury sector. More precisely the perfume sector seems to communicate exactly the same over the years. In fact, story-telling and neuro-marketing seem to leads the communication in this sector. In this article, we will give you the particularity of this sector and give you the tips if you would like to launch your own perfume.

First, we have to ask why the clients want to buy a perfume? What are they looking for by committing this act? Buying a perfume is an erotic act, a romantic and seductive move. The perfume will enhance the person who wears it, it will sublime him, makes him more attractive, desirable. A perfume creates the desire.

That can explain why the feelings raise by the perfume communication are:

  • Luxury
  • Beauty
  • Glamorous
  • Femininity
  • Romanticism
  • Emancipation and power of the women
  • Social valorisation
  • Seduction

There are two different interpretations depending on the sex of the prospect:

  • Women target:  The women are mainly represented playful, playing with the feelings of the men. She has a strong power of attraction and she is really attractive. She can decide what she wants and especially when she wants.
  • Men target: The men are strong and conquering and seducer. Nothing can resist him and his confidence is extraordinary. They use their instinct, dangerous as animals without any doubt on any situation.

The product itself, the perfume, is almost immaterial, it’s just a liquid. This particularity is very important because the human minds cannot remember the smell of something, it could just associate a smell with a souvenir but it cannot be more precise. It determines one of the most important aspects of the communication and additional values between the perfumes: the bottle.

The bottle is:

  • As important as the perfume itself
  • It makes stay the product in the minds of the clients
  • It’s made as a piece of art.

The final purpose of the bottle is to materialized something immaterial. That’s why every advertising or communication make for a perfume will put the bottle ahead. For example in video-clip, it will be touched by the egery like a precious goods, on a picture it will takes a big space.

A perfect bottle should:

  • Be simple to stay in the minds of the clients
  • Represents at the best the brand and the liquor
  • Be coherent with the name of the product
  • Be resistant
  • Be transportable
  • Be beautiful enough to stay a long time in the bathroom of the clients.

The places uses in the communication campaign are magical, extraordinary and make the prospects travelling. Most of the biggest perfumes brands are French like Lancôme, Guerlain or Chanel this is why you will see Paris present really often on the advertising campaign. It helps the brand to shows their values, culture. Symbolism of romanticism the brands make travelled the prospects through the different famous places of the capital as the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadéro, the Luxembourg Garden or the Seine.  For the men’s campaign Paris is less represented because the romanticism effect is not wanted. For example, Dior, for the perfume Eau Sauvage has chosen the desert where the star, Johnny Depp, makes a road trip alone. It symbolisms the adventure, the animality of the mens.

The actors used in the communication are an important factor because it must represent the target or the ideal wanted by the target.

It exists two different types of actors:

  • The celebrities which will gives to the brands a glamorous image. Trough those the brands wants to make identify the prospects with them, to make them understand that it’s because of the perfume that the celebrities are famous. In the other hand it gives to the brand a luxurious image, perfect for the perfume industry.
  • The models are the other possibility. Symbols of beauty and luxury, it helps to make the product more beautiful, more desirable. It gives the impression that with the perfume, everybody will be attractive like them.

The neuro-marketing is present on every communication campaign for perfumes and much more than the other industry sectors.

Let’s take the example of the advertising makes by the brand Thierry Mugler for the perfume Angel.

Look at the video via this link and then continue reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gy994PWfKw

In this video the neuro-marketing is hugely used:

By the five senses:

  • Sight: using purple the colour of the new technologies, a reference to the futuristic train
  • Smell: you can see the star smelling the bottle several times
  • Touch: Makes by the bottle, present on almost every scene and touch by the actor
  • Hearing: utilisation of the music “Les moulins de mon Coeur” by Michel Legrand, talking about love
  • Taste: you can see the bottle close to the mouth of the actor like she wanted to eat it.

And more factuel :

  • The name Angel has been choose because it is simple to remember
  • Big plan on the bottle to stay in the minds of the prospects and materialized the liquor
  • Soft music to create a smooth and relaxing moment

So basically the act of buying a perfume is made because the client is looking for being more attractive, more seductive and powerful. The brands understood that and make everything to make this impression more important. The advertising are a travel in the most beautiful places in the world with the most beautiful actors to give to the prospects the desire to buy the products to become like them.

Because of the immateriality of the product, the bottle is a important aspect of the communication. It makes to represent perfectly the brand and the liquor, made like an piece of art. Exposing the bottle in the bathroom should be like exposing a painting or sculpture.

Finally brands are using the neuro-marketing techniques at their maximum to stay indefinitely in the minds of their prospects.