Logos are a visual representation of your brand. When you design a logo, everything matters. From the colours to the shapes, including the fonts, the meaning or even empty spaces. Choosing the right logo to represent your company is priceless. Well, it has actually cost the UK oil group £136 million to introduce its current sunflower design! In this article, you will discover of the incredible a quality logo may have on you.

Compareason between former and new BP great logo

After reading this article, you won’t ever want to neglect the importance of your logo again.

What happens to your brain when you see a logo

There are basically 4 steps of subconscious analysis when you see a logo:

1. You first perceive colour, then identify the shape and form of the logo.

2. You then identify the object by grouping elements.

A recent study even shows that our brain can process pictures we see in less than 100ms, up to 13ms. Don’t you believe me? Have a look at the image below and see if you can find a duck within 2 seconds. The images are changing at a speed of 100ms.

gif containing 20 random pictures changing every 100ms

3. Next, your brain matches the visual pattern with previous experience in your memory.

4. Last, your brain adds “semantic attributes” from your previous experiences with the logo.


Example: brain step when seeing KFC's great logos

All those steps happen in roughly 400 milliseconds!

Brand Recognition wins on brand quality

This may be the biggest reason why branding is important. Your brand has most of the time greater value than your product. Think of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Blind taste tests show people consistently choose Coca-Cola over Pepsi. When we hook up people to electrodes and show them both logos, what happens? Coca-Cola is chosen every time!

The main reason is that Coca-Cola focuses on creating a memorable emotional brand linked with love and happiness. Coca-Cola’s logo has been very stable over time compared to Pepsi’s logo. Another great reason to get it right from the start.

pepsi and coca evolution to great logos

Coca-Cola reinforced their brand strategy with ads focused on positive emotions. The aim is to make us feel good when we see the brand logo.

Subliminal branding works very well with logos

Consumers experience unconscious perception and make unconscious choices from marketing messages that influence them without knowing. This is what we can call subliminal branding. One example is the Amazon logo. The arrow connecting the “a” and the “z” means you can find anything from A to Z on Amazon. But it is also subtly shaped like a smile, suggesting that people are happy doing business with Amazon.

amazon's great logo

But subliminal exposure is also known as being very effective on people.

Brand subliminal repeated exposure works

What about repeated exposures? When an individual sees a logo in a non-annoying way (thus excluding spam, intrusive ads…), research shows that the person will slowly begin to look at that brand more favourably over time.

Think about how Apple does this with their consistent logo placement. Even if you are not consciously aware of the logo, your brain is registering it every time you see their products. BrandChannel reports that from 2001 to 2011 Apple appeared in 34.4% of all #1 films.

Another example can be watched on French TV. Between each advertisement, the logo of M6 (one of the most popular French channel) appears for roughly 250ms.


To conclude, choosing the right logo from the start and refreshing it while maintaining consistency is crucial. Even if your logo won’t build your brand reputation immediately, it will vehiculate it. Feel free to contact our team if you need advice or branding support. Click here to contact us


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