It is undeniable that social media has become a huge aspect of modern society. In today’s society, 92% of teenagers are online every day, and 71% use more than one social network. In total, 31% of the global population engage in social media. In general, social networking sites enable users to swap ideas, to chat, to post updates and comments, or to participate in activities and events, while sharing their wider interests. In terms of recruitment, 83% of active job seekers are on Facebook, 40% are on Twitter, and 36% are on LinkedIn. It makes sense for companies to recruit people via social media. Recent data reports that 73% of successful recruitments have been done through social media.

How social media help to create a valuable customer relationship?


Get feedback

As customers can give feedback, it shows the desire for a company to be closer to their clients. It’s perceived as a feeling of belongingness and togetherness. It’s a very easy and effective way to get feedback on the product or service where a company welcome them. It helps companies improve their performance in their field through client engagement. For instance, Lays Potato Chips launched a Facebook contest asking American fans to help with the creation of their next chip flavour for its 75th anniversary. The company teamed up with Facebook to alter the Like button to an “I’d eat that”. This contest run in 14 others countries and users gave more than 8 million chip flavour ideas.

Source: Diana Bondareff Photography

Reward your best customer

It is human nature to want to be liked therefore rewarding your most loyal customers is a great way to continue to strengthen your brand relationship and loyalty. Thanking customer publicly and personally makes them feel valued. Indeed, there are many ways to reward your customers through social media. Whether using gamification, running contests or simply saying thank you. Show them you care about them. When Burberry reached one million followers on Twitter, they send virtual thank-you cards to 3000 of its Twitter followers.


Encourage personal stories

By allowing customers to share their stories you work towards building trusted and long-term relationships with them. Social media allow customers to spread the word faster and further, therefore, encourage them to leverage their stories through their own channels is a great way to get the word out in an authentic and meaningful way. For example, for the London Olympic Games in 2012 the company P&G created “Thank you, Mom” Facebook pages which let users to write messages to their mothers. It was possible to upload family photos too.

Respond quickly

Most of the customers expect near immediate answers on social media. When they don’t get them, they turn into unhappy customers and will often write bad comments across social media about their experience. According to the Social Habit, 32% of the customers expect a response within 30 minutes and 42% within an hour. In addition to satisfying customers, a quick response time can generate additional revenue for the company. A study from Twitter found customers were willing to pay nearly 15 pounds more for an airline that responds to Tweets of the customers in less than six minutes.

Nowadays, building quality relationships with customers online is not a great business idea but it’s a necessity. So choose the right social platforms where you are more likely to reach your audience and be actively engaged. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have more information and social media support.


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