As a financial services company, one of your company objectives is to offer great customer service to achieve better customer satisfaction. For that, you need to keep your clients engaged, delighted and informed. This article focuses on how financial services companies can improve brand engagement.

 What is an engaging content? 

Recycled or untailored financial services topics are not good enough. You need to create content, which can help your clients that educate so they can understand the benefits of the financial services you offer. Engaging content means sharing current events, writing articles on your blog frequently or news about the financial services sector.

However, a text is not enough to engage the audience. Most of the financial services brands neglect the aesthetics aspect of their blog. They do not combine the text with visuals. The 500 px is a photography blog and use a lot of pictures to come with the tips you want to share. It provides a better reading experience and understanding of your content.

Moreover, client success stories, cases studies and testimonials are relevant and engaging content, which will help to maintain brand engagement.

This video, for example, is the story of Elgood’s, a family run brewery based in Cambridgeshire, who wanted to export their beer to Spain. Santander helps them achieve this project and created a video to demonstrate that. They shared it on their website to show their client’s success story.

Source: Santander UK

It’s undeniable, videos are the most effective and creative tool to engage your audience.

What are the benefits of feedback?

Getting your audience’s input and feedback are more valuable and less expensive than doing financial market research. It’s really easy to create a basic survey with a platform such as Survey Monkey for example. You can ask your clients what are the strengths of your company and what are the points to improve. After you gather all the information, you can share it with your visitors. This initiative makes you transparent and honest. In addition, by value your clients’ opinion, it makes them feel valued and therefore loyal to your brand.

For instance, Fryer Financial Services wanted to know how their clients and their family find their services. They created a short and quick survey. In general, firms don’t know enough information about their audience. Therefore getting feedback from your clients will help your company marketing and advertising campaigns.

Why a good mobile experience is essential?

Digital experience has taken an important part in our day to day life, especially for the younger generations. According to recent research made by Think Google, 52 per cent of clients is less likely to engage with the financial services companies because of a poor mobile experience.

Most consumers expect, in particular for banks, to offer an opportunity to use their services online or through a mobile app. The millennials chose banks that have an app. In order to draw your client’s attention, your financial services brand must achieve digital excellence. Barclays, Natwest, HSBC and all major financial services brands offer a mobile application for their clients.


The use of social media in financial services companies

Contrary to popular belief, social media is a recommended tool for financial services companies for interacting with their clients and prospects. To keep your clients engaged using social media share short tips, brand values, company activities, clients’ feedback, projects in progress, results, stories, events, articles and much more. The key is to plan, be consistent in your messaging, tone of voice and content continuity.

ME Bank, also known as ME, is an Australian direct bank. They created 4 false credit cards with the name of the 4 Kardashian sisters. It was shared on their social media platforms. The campaign was targeted at generation z and millennials. So it was relevant, unexpected, memorable and likeable.

To conclude, to keep your clients engaged be personal and relevant to your audience. Listen more and act on it. Stay agile using digital innovation.