We interviewed Callum Golds, Lepide’s Marketing Executive to find out a little more about him and his business. Lepide started in 2005 under a different name Kernel Data Recovery. As with many businesses, they started up because they identified an issue they felt they were able to fix and that problem was data recovery. It was very apparent to Lepide that there was a worrying trend amongst many mid-market organizations. Namely, that there was a severe lack of visibility into changes taking place in business-critical servers and sensitive data. Lepide is an international business with offices in the USA and London.

3 Colours Rule: Before we get into your business can you please tell me a little bit about yourself?

Callum: I grew up in Tunbridge Wells and then moved to Plymouth for University. There I studied for a marketing degree and graduated in 2014. After university, I lived in Bristol for a couple of years before moving back to Tunbridge Wells. I was 28 when I started work with Lepide.

3 Colours Rule: Can you please tell me about your business and when you realised that marketing and branding were important for your growth?

Callum: I realised marketing was important while studying for my GCSE business studies. The essence of a brand is so crucial. You can have an amazing company but if no one knows who you are or what you do then you are really going to struggle.

3 Colours Rule: And what do you think Lepide will look like in the future?

Callum: Well it’s growing rapidly so we are not really sure what Lepide is going to look like, only that it will be a much bigger company than it is now. Also, it is hard to tell as we have had to change the angle we are working towards at least a couple of times due to the constantly changing nature of our industry. 

3 Colours Rule: How do you think your company differentiates itself from the competition?

Callum: We put data at the very heart of everything we do. Our solutions and principles are all centred around creating security software that puts data at its core which is something others in the industry don’t do like we do.

3 Colours Rule: Do you or anyone from Lepide take part in business events like events, exhibitions or networking and do you ever talk at these events?

Callum: Yes we do attend events. We are aiming to do 5-10 events a year and our CEO and head of technical delivery often do seminars at such events.

3 Colours Rule: So what would your typical day look like? Are there any particular newspapers or magazines which are your favourite in the morning or do you stick to online publications?

Callum: For the first hour in the mornings is usually spent reading my google alerts which draw me to a wide range of publications. But I also time spent listening to more niche podcasts of interest to the business such as ‘The Hacker’ and ‘Cyber Security News’.

3 Colours Rule: And what social media do you look at on your phone?

Callum: We try to be on pretty much everything. We focus on LinkedIn and use it to spearhead most of our social media campaigns, however, we are pushing the growth of our youtube. We have hired a video editor and creator who has helped us turn some of our ideas into something real. We have started a series of parodying famous films. Our first is a spinoff of a scene from the old Jurassic Park which you can check out on our youtube channel now.

3 Colours Rule: From what you’ve said you sound really busy, but if you ever find yourself with time to kill in the evenings then do you have a favourite TV series or…

Callum: If I do have time off in the evenings I do love a good Netflix or Amazon Prime series. I’ve finished suits and absolutely loved it.

3 Colours Rule: You can’t really go wrong with Suits.

How do you manage to motivate yourself when something hasn’t gone as planned?

Callum: While failure can, of course, be really frustrating it is a great chance to learn. I try to take a step back, think about what I could have changed and hopefully employ those alterations in the future.

3 Colours Rule: Are there any brands you would say you couldn’t live without?

Callum: I would say I am not a very materialistic person, I try and go after the aspects of what I’m buying rather than just the brand.

3 Colours Rule: And on a lighter note if you could go back in time what would you tell your 20-year-old self?

Callum: Well I’m sure the same would be said by many but 5 years ago I was seriously looking into Bitcoin when it was around £300 and am kicking myself now that I didn’t invest.

Lepide is in a competitive industry which they could get lost in if it wasn’t for their USP of making sure data is at the heart of everything they do. They make sure people know why they are different and why you should choose them which gives them their competitive edge. Go check out their website and straight away it is there for you to see. In any line of business, your differentiator is what makes people choose you over others. The easy part should be knowing what that is for you, the harder part is letting everyone else know but this can be done through the use of marketing techniques. If you are interested in learning more about how you can elevate your business go check out our website 3 Colours Rule.

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