Mark is the managing director at StorePoint International Ltd, trading as Managed Language, they manage the language service delivery. The company helps brands and marketing businesses to deliver transcreated and correctly executed language-based content for print, digital and rich media. With an understanding of language and how it works, a Language resource of over 10000 linguists and around 1000 transcreators, Storepoint has scale, capacity and capability. The company speciality lies with print-based multilingual production and their technology which is built to allow any artwork studio to work in any target language based on a very well developed workflow. They have been producing books, brochures and marketing material for years at a very competitive cost and reduced lead times to market.

3 Colours Rule: What is the name of your company and when did you set it up?

Mark: I set up StorePoint International Ltd in 2004

3 Colours Rule: Please tell us a bit about your company?

Mark: We are a new age Transcreation Business, virtualized all of our systems are in the cloud. Our offshore team handcrafts and polishes all files. We are producing 1092 pages in 45 languages 45000 words per week. In 5 days we go from an English master to 45 finished print ready books. 135 writers and proofreaders all working online and 1 artworker finessing the files. 5 day, 45 books, an unheard of service.

3 Colours Rule: And what does your tech company do?

Mark: We have unique file versioning and adaptation systems that are cloud-based. Every transcreation we do is executional and deployed and activated in the language market.

About your success

3 Colours Rule: What has been the source of success and what led you to it?

Mark: Hard work, persistence and a never give up attitude added to by committed and engaged staff whose goals are the same as your own. I believe people build businesses and without people, nothing happens.

3 Colours Rule: What has been your business strategy to grow year on year?

Mark: We try to cultivate our relationship with clients and build a working relationship which we take into the future. Also, we make sure to enrol staff to grow the business.

3 Colours Rule: What do you differently as a business that other companies in your industry do not?

Mark: We are very niche and heavily focused on the transcreation sector, cultural review and true localisation of marketing material. There are people who do what we do so differentiation isn’t really an issue.

3 Colours Rule: What would you say your clients would tell their clients about you?

Mark: Hopefully, that we are agile, great staff who’s can-do attitude goes over and above expectations.

Branding & marketing

3 Colours Rule: At which stage branding and marketing became important for your company growth?

Mark: To be honest, now.

3 Colours Rule: What has been your most effective marketing strategies?

Mark: So far, direct calling and referral based marketing.

3 Colours Rule: And how does your company maintain brand credibility?

Mark: Well in 2019 we are launching with a new brand and new identity based on our offer.

Forecast and trends

3 Colours Rule: What lessons have you learnt and how would you now do things differently having been through the process?

Mark: Plan, plan, check and plan and finally risk analysis. Make sure it all works before you spend a penny.

3 Colours Rule: How do you believe your company is changing the way people do business?

Mark: We are making businesses stop and think about their brand language and how it’s delivered in the market, in a brand and in language.

3 Colours Rule: What do you believe will be the trends in your industry?

Mark: Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Learning Systems will force brands to check cost, look at cost and above all process mapped to speed and ease of delivery while checking, checking and checking quality.

3 Colours Rule: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Mark: When you look at Technology environments, ecosystems exist that provide a route to market, platform acceptance and from that engagement, models can be created. A great example is Salesforce. With 10K businesses and 3.62m daily users, Salesforce is a massive business to business platform. An already built ecosystem and an established business tool across many markets. No need to reinvent the wheel, invent the process, service, delivery, let them do the heavy lifting.

Marks business although very automated relies on an efficient, hardworking, goal driven staff. With social media being an instant exposer of poor customer service and transparency of business experiences, it is more important than ever that your staff hold the same standards as yourself. As Marks business has grown he has realised the importance of branding and marketing in his companies success story.

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