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Branding for Influence & Growth Workshop

Imagine if your brand could tell your story as well as you when you are not there. All businesses face similar frustrations: weak brand distinction, inadequate prospect conversion, client retention, unenthusiastic employees, high reliability on referrals and insufficient profit growth. Brand strategy & action plan never seem to get made, or, once made, fail to be properly implemented. But there is a solution. It’s not complicated or theoretical. The B.I.G workshop™ is a unique practical workshop for achieving the brand success you have always envisioned for your business. Successful companies have discovered it, applied it with ease and you can too.

The B.I.G. workshop™ is exactly what you need if you want to strengthen your brand effectively to grow your profit margin. This Branding for Influence & Growth workshop is essentially about guiding you towards building value so you can attract your ideal clients and employees to strengthen your growth and power of influence. During this interactive workshop, you will learn how to successfully build your brand, engage prospects, retain clients & great employees while position your company as a thought leader, upgrade your marketing and consequently grow your business. The branding for influence & growth workshop is collaborative, which means, it’s a result led learning approach with individual and group exercises to help you find, during the workshop, the solutions to the challenges your company is facing today. You can then share with your team what you learnt and apply it straight away.

This workshop is delivered as a private company session for a board of directors & heads of departments.

Location: Across the UK (in-house option available)
Group size: A maximum of 10 attendees
Who should attend? Directors, heads & managers
Duration: 2 days

Who should attend the B.I.G. workshop?
This B.I.G. workshop™ is only for ambitious companies who want to grow their brand in an effective way.


Where are you today?


Where do you want to be tomorrow?


How do you want to come across?


How will you reach your audiences?


How will you deliver?


How will you maximise your investments?
What will you learn?
  • Create your brand success roadmap to develop a brand DNA that aligns with your business plan
  • Establish an effective brand strategy to efficiently engage your prospects, clients & team through vision, purpose, mission and core values
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy through neuromarketing to engage and convert prospects
  • Use the power of storytelling to strengthen your brand impact
  • Learn the secrets key components of brand power of influence. Discover simple yet powerful ways to strengthen your brand that will give you and your team more focus, more growth, and more enjoyment
How will this interactive workshop be delivered?
  • Insightful presentation with visuals & videos
  • Individual & group roundtable/board exercises to enforce the learnings
  • Interactive discussions and exercises with workshop leader and attendees
What else is included?
  • Fortune Company Guest speakers (optional). The workshop includes a session with a series of top managing directors who have successfully managed to build their brand and we will share with you the secrets of their success.
  • Workshop book. You will receive a detailed workbook which you will use the interactive workshop. This will also assist you to stay on track with your learnings after the workshop.
  • Online post workshop progression platform (upgrade option). It’s easy to push back the application of what you will learn and go back to your day to day your company activities. So, we created an online private progress platform to help you track your progress and implement progressively your learnings within your business. Our team will provide support, through the platform, for any queries you may have.
  • Brand audit & brand identity strategy (upgrade option). The application of your learnings will have an impact on your current brand identity. We will assess your current brand identity and then provide directives to improve it.
We have led & participated internationally in several branding events for an extended list of prestigious companies and guests. Scroll below to find out more.

B.I.G. Workshop

2 interactive days to learn how to take your brand to the next level
Day 1 of the B.I.G. Workshop™

Session 1 – Purpose and Vision
Purpose – What does the brand really do?
Vision – What is the brand aiming to achieve?

Session 2 – Values and Mission
Values – What does the brand stand for?
Mission- How will the brand achieve its aims?

Session 3 – Proposition and Positioning
Proposition – What does the brand do differently?
Positioning – Where is the brand’s niche?

Session 4 – Personality and Audience
Personality – How does the brand express itself?
Audience – Who is the brand relevant to?

Contact us to find out the additional sessions covered on day 1 & 2

Day 2 of the B.I.G. Workshop™

Session 1 – Storytelling
What a story is, how it works, and how to make it shareable
How to develop a company story that you and your team love to tell
How to shape your company story for various audiences and various media

Session 2 – Neurobranding
Create a following of faithful individuals who buy from you frequently
Brand activities you can put in place to create the most engagement
What brand psychology strategies are effective

Session 3 – Building your brand community
Brand community vs clients
Digital strategy in brand community building

Fortune company guest speakers series. The workshop includes a session with a series of top managing directors who have successfully managed to build their brand and we will share with you the secrets of their success

Additional information

This workshop is delivered as a private company session for a board of directors & heads of departments.
: Across the UK (in-house option available)
Group size: A maximum of 10 attendees
Who should attend? Directors & managers
 Workshop 09.00-17.00
Duration: 2 days

Who should attend the B.I.G. workshop? 

This B.I.G. workshop™ is only for ambitious business owners, business development directors, commercial directors, managing directors and marketing directors who want to grow their brand in an effective way. Because the workshop has a limited number of places available, our team will evaluate every attendee to ensure that the B.I.G. workshop™ can add value and help you achieve your business goals.

The B.I.G. workshop™ is ideal if you want to:
  • Have experienced rapid growth
  • Need professional branding support
  • Struggle to grow revenue and profit
  • Strengthen brand impact
  • Show the human side of your company
  • Improve your marketing efforts
  • Improve your competitive edge
  • Experience a breakthrough
7 benefits of attending the B.I.G. workshop™
  1. The only workshop where you will learn practical advice on how to use apply neurobranding and neuromarketing which has been used by Apple to create a faithful community of clients
  2. Increase the perceived value of your products & services
  3. Become easily recognisable and gain a competitive edge
  4. Attract prospects and personnel effortlessly
  5. Become the preferred brand choice
  6. Reduce customer acquisition costs and increase your profits and performance
  7. Create a strong brand so you can leverage other new products, services, and line extensions

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Your Workshop Leader

Meet Flavilla Fongang

Flavilla Fongang is the chief executive of 3 Colours Rule. Named “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman by Mercedes Benz among women such as Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She is also a creative director, strategist, colourology expert and serial entrepreneur. She is an internationally published brand strategist, motivational speaker, based in London and Paris. Recently named most influential businesswoman by LinkedIn.

She has worked with brands in a multitude of sectors: fashion, food, luxury, wealth management, hospitality, business consultancy, sports, pipe and more, in both national and international markets. Among her clients are household names: House of Fraser, IHG Group, Pandora, L.K Bennett, Suzuki, Joseph design, La Senza, the NSPCC, Tresor Paris, NHS Royal Brompton hospital and many more.

Flavilla Fongang has developed her creativity and experience in different business and environments: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North/South America and Europe. Travelling and working internationally helped her stay ahead of trends, and understand the cultural diversity of each client and adapt to it.

She was born & raised in Paris and moved to London in 2002. She obtained an MA in International Business with distinction, BA in economics & law and BA in marketing & communications. She speaks French, English and basic Spanish. She is determined, positive, and has a great personality. She worked in the oil & gas industry where she gained international experience while travelling across the globe. She has over 15 years of fashion, marketing, branding, management and leadership experience working with large and small corporations. Flavilla is an active member of the London Chamber of Commerce and regularly writes for London Business Matters and the Huffington Post.


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