A-Z to building your personal brand in the tech sector

This week I challenged myself to create an article a little more challenging than usual. Indeed, Flavilla had the idea to create an article that uses the criteria and characteristics of a good personal brand and all this by following the letters of the alphabet. So here is this article about how to build your […]

How to start your tech business on a budget

When we hear “startup” we always envision the warm Silicon Valley overhanging by young geniuses and we imagine them all financed by huge venture capital firms. However, the reality is far: not all startups require millions in funding to hit the ground running. For example, some businesses are home-based and so require low upfront investments. […]

How to maintain a strong stamina in the world of tech

If you suffer from low energy, no motivation and stress du to your business. Do you have the impression that you never succeed in achieving your objectives? Rest assured we will give you some advice to maintain strong stamina and energy to accomplish all the big project you have for your tech company. Make sure […]

11 Content ideas to make the social media of your tech brand more interesting

Everyone uses social media, but more especially a lot of brand needs to use them for their communication plan to reach their target audience. They are essentials and it’s super fun to strategize and find multiple ideas of content you can create to catch the attention of the potential client. But you can also find […]

9 indicators your tech company will survive

Running a tech business can be confusing. The path is often unclear and you need to make decisions. Should you keep your business open hoping a future success or stop everything? Discover here 9 indicators your tech company will survive and that you have got something going beyond success.   1. You’re focused on your […]

7 of the biggest technology failures within companies

There are no highs without lows. The innovations of tomorrow are created with the failures of yesterday, so failing can have unexpected benefits. Keep in mind that ingenious products may die but they often pave the way for the building of others. These products/services are, today, known as some of the biggest tech failures ever […]

Press release: The agency enabling tech startups to launch their tech brand in 21 days

Tech entrepreneurs and tech startups can now affordably launch their brand in 21 days with 3 Colours Rule, the innovative creative agency that changes the way creative agencies support tech entrepreneurs and startups. 3 Colours Rule 03/07/2019   The award-winning branding agency, 3 Colours Rule, officially launched this July bespoke and affordable branding packages for […]

You don’t need branding. Let me tell you why…

If you have been reading my latest articles, you know by now that I like to be honest and share my own personal business experience so you can learn something along the way and avoid the mistakes I have made. Branding, this is what our award-winning creative branding & marketing agency does but not everyone […]

7 tips to hook your audience during a presentation

Starting a speech is never easy even if you deliver one every day. You not only have to have something worthwhile to say, but you also have to say it in a way that connects and engages with your audience. Never assume that your spectators are paying attention: they may be looking at you but […]