Our brand assessment is a graded evaluation of your business branding, we will identify areas of improvement and help you to attract the right customers.

How We Help You Develop A Brand That Attracts & Converts More

Phase 1: Distinguish

The first phase focuses on developing your brand strategy, together we will successfully position your brand as relevant and help you to stand out from the competition.

Phase 2: Attract

The second phase is about successfully developing your brand identity, together we will ensure this is aligned with your brand strategy and helping you to attract your ideal clients.

Phase 3: Convert

The third phase focuses on developing a marketing & digital strategy, together we will increase your brand visibility and help you to generate consistent, high quality leads.

Immediate Benefits of Taking Our Brand Assessment 

 “3 Colours Rule is award-winning for a reason. In our brief time discussing my business plan and what I want for my team in the coming months and years, what I gained was clarity. Some focus and direction. In a short space of time they immediately understood how to cut-through to what is important and help me focus on my personal brand as well as the key activities that will help to drive my business forward. I would thoroughly recommend speaking with this incredibly talented person/company.”

Rikki Lear, Company Director at LC Communications Ltd T/A Vodafone UK

Results Our Clients Have Achieved With Our Support


In 3 months increased their client purchase value by 50%. Scaled nationally


Expanded internationally after their rebrand, in only 6 months


50,000 app users growth in 4 weeks and expanded internationally

What More Clients Had To Say

 “You guys make such a difference to the businesses you touch. You are super natural and want the best for your customers. They has huge life experience to share.”

Edward Cole – MD, Katlas

“There are not enough words to describe how helpful, driven and friendly Flavilla is. I hired her to complete some marketing tasks and what was delivered by 3 Colours Rule, went far above and beyond my expectations. Flavilla is clearly dedicated to adding value to her clients. She is a great pleasure to work with and it is my pleasure to recommend her” 

Michael Abtar, founder of IG Smart

3 Colours Rule client - Modular

“Among the many candidates we’ve been considering, 3 Colours Rule stood out in many ways including their willingness to understand, push their knowledge beyond their means and adapt to an extremely challenging messaging problem we have been encountering.” 

Bilal Itani, co-founder of Modular Global.


” I highly recommend 3 Colours Rule at any stage of your business venture”

Gangdo Nguinabe, Managing Director of ProFeel.

“They did a fantastic job. The logo looks great despite the ridiculous timescale 3 colours rule were working too. I will definitely be using them again.”
Tony Antoniou, founder of Yowser.

3 Colours Rule - Branding agency for tech companies - North Light SolutionsThe process was quick and efficient resulting in a high-quality product. More importantly, 3 Colours Rule helped me to understand how to talk about the company and our services in a way that has resonance with potential clients.

Felix Spender –  Managing Director of North Light Solutions

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