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3 Colours Rule is a London branding and experiential marketing agency who understands how to support tech companies with their brand challenges. Our team has proven and been able to deliver projects smoothly and effectively because of our branding and marketing knowledge, expertise and capabilities. We save you money, time and get results because we have the strategic and creative skills you need to develop your tech brand efficiently so it can be recognised and loved. We free your time by looking after your brand while you focus on growing your business. We are a branding and experiential marketing agency for tech companies

Does this feel familiar?
  • Do you feel like your tech brand needs a brand uplift and/or brand campaign to improve engagement?
  • Are you looking for innovative ways to show the relevance of your brand?
  • Or are you struggling to articulate your tech brand internationally?
Could you imagine…
  • Your brand gave your ideal audience the reassurance to always choose you
  • You could attract the right team to effectively grow your business
  • Your brand could grow successfully across different countries

Our approach to brand value growth success

1. Get started

Give us a little information about your tech company and we will set up a time to chat.

2. Business review

Let’s talk about your existing challenges & goals and how we can make your life a little easier.

3. Success road map

After your business value review, you will draft your D.A.C. strategy, action plan and give you a quote.

4. Time to grow

You now have a dedicated team of  experts supporting the success of your brand.

Our branding and experiential marketing agency for tech companies offers straightfoward support. With your best interest at heart, we work alongside you to understand your uniqueness and vision. As a result, this allows us to develop a better brand strategy and the design that is true to your business. You are guaranteed to work with a great team as we have a track record of working successfully with technology companies like yours. 

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How do we effectively use our skills and expertise for the success of your tech brand?

1: Brand strategy

Our brand strategy service will help you increase your brand value perception among your existing clients and prospects. This will result in better prospect conversion, higher repeat purchase and ability to charge premium.

Your new brand value proposition will also decrease your price sensitivity and grow strong margins which will allow your brand to be less vulnerable to competitive and economic pressure.

Lastly, your brand will connect with your audience on an personal level through shared brand values and consequently grow brand loyalty and word of mou

2: Brand design & website

Our brand design and website services will help you improve your brand credibility, therefore your ability to attract your ideal clients and great talent.

We will help you showcase brand consistency which will improve consumer brand confidence. This will reduce resistance to purchase and increase prospect conversion.

Naturally, your brand equity will grow. The attractive design of your brand will improve your brand commercial value because in the mind of consumers, your brand will appear superior to your competitors.

3: Marketing & social media

Our experiential marketing and social media campaign service will help you grow the brand awareness and recognition associated with all your products and services, which will allow you to constantly build up your client reach, loyalty and easily to introduce new products.

Our effective experiential marketing campaigns will help you grow your pipeline of leads more cost-effectively and convert better. This will directly result in growing your company revenue

These activities have a direct impact on your sales, revenue and brand discovery which means serving more and more of your ideal clients and grow nationally or internationally.

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3 Colours Rule - Branding agency for tech companies - Shout Out

They led a fantastic seminar on Brand Growth and how to become the “go-to” brand in your market. It was an incredibly informative and inspirational talk which I have taken a lot away from.  I have found Flavilla a pleasure to work with and hope to work with her again in the future!

Beth Munro –  Consultant at Shout Out UK

3 Colours Rule - Branding agency for tech companies - ProfilingI have attended the “Brand Growth Seminar” and collected information that changed the dynamic of our communication. Great delivery from Flavilla. Highly recommended at any stage of your business venture.

Gangdo Nguinabe –  Managing Director of ProFeel

3 Colours Rule - Branding agency for tech companies - North Light SolutionsThe process was quick and efficient resulting in a high-quality product. More importantly, 3 Colours Rule helped me to understand how to talk about the company and our services in a way that has resonance with potential clients.

Felix Spender –  Managing Director of North Light Solutions

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