Think B.I.G

The Brand Influence & Growth Workshop

Are you struggling to articulate your unique value proposition? Do you need guidance understanding how your brand can stand out in a very competitive market, and convert more prospects into clients? Are you looking to attract more clients? Would you like all the hard work to be recognised and appreciated by your audience? 

The B.I.G Workshop™ is for companies who want to successfully scale their business to the next level, by understanding how to develop a strong brand that continuously attracts.

We have invested in various learnings and selected the proven strategies to develop this unique brand growth workshop so you can learn how to develop an amazing brand. This is a unique practical and interactive workshop designed to help you find the solutions during this learning process. Successful tech companies such as Airbnb, Uber or Dropbox have discovered their brand success and you can too. Like them, if you want your company to make a bigger impact, the B.I.G. workshop is for you.

According to Bloomberg, 50 out of 100 businesses owners will fail during the first 5 years and the average increases for tech companies. We can help you be among the ones who not only survive but thrive.

We have led & participated internationally in several branding events for an extended list of prestigious companies and guests. Scroll below to find out more.


Where are you today?


Where do you want to be tomorrow?


How do you want to come across?


How will you reach your audiences?


How will you deliver?


How will you maximise your investments?

Workshop Description

Our brand growth workshop is always highly customised for each client. We always offer an interactive workshop. Your workshop leader, Flavilla is widely regarded as one of the most popular speakers and speaks around the world. She is known for her charm and humour but more importantly, her ability to adapt her message to fit the audience. She is a natural storyteller, knows how to give actionable insights, industry-specific case studies and personal anecdotes a fusion that makes her message relatable and memorable for your audience.

This workshop is exactly what you need if you want to strengthen your brand value proposition and marketing activities to effectively to grow your profit margin. We will teach you how to successfully build your brand, engage prospects, make your clients loyal & great employees while positioning your tech company as a thought leader. You will also learn how to upgrade your marketing activities and increase customer lifetime value.

Here are some of the topics you can choose for your bespoke brand influence and growth workshop:
  • Build an effective brand strategy to efficiently engage your prospects, clients & team through vision, purpose, mission and core values
  • Develop a strong business value proposition to strengthen brand attraction and value
  • Shape your brand success roadmap to stay on track so your brand can progress continuously
  • Develop your communication unique style and strategy to maintain communication consistency across channels
  • Increase your client lifetime value
  • Contact us to discover all the topics
What is included?
  • Workshop book. You will receive a workbook which you will use at the interactive workshop. This will also assist you to stay on track with your learnings after the workshop
  • Insightful presentation with visuals & videos
  • Individual & group roundtable/board exercises to enforce the learnings
  • Interactive discussions and exercises with workshop leader and attendees

Words from our previous workshop attendees.

B.I.G. Workshop

An interactive workshop to help companies solve their brand challenges

Who should attend the B.I.G. workshop? 

This B.I.G. workshop™ is only for ambitious companies who want to grow their brand in an effective way. Our team will evaluate every attendee to ensure that the B.I.G. workshop™ can add value and help you achieve your business goals.

Brands who already trust us

"I have no hesitation in recommending Flavilla and the team at 3 Colours Rule"
Michael Lee - Director of Sales & Marketing - Crowne Plaza London City - IHG Group

Would you be interested in us running a private brand influence and growth workshop for your company?

The bespoke workshop is ideal if your company is lacking brand clarity and needs the directives to grow the brand more effectively. To find out if you are eligible, please contact us to discuss.