We are a creative agency specialising in strategy, branding, marketing and employee communication engagement.

  • Our purpose: Improve society by helping our clients creatively fulfil their business aspirations.
  • Our vision: The creative agency for ambitious game changers around the world.
  • Our mission: Unleash the full brand potential of our clients to improve their credibility, their value and subsequently grow.
  • Our culture: Work with the same passion and enthusiasm for each project we undertake.
  • Our reward: Your success.

Let your brand be our next work of heart

3 Colours Rule, we are a team of brand strategists, marketing experts, analysts, graphic designers, web-developers, videographers and app developers.  We believe we can make a positive impact on people by developing human brands with purpose. Since 2008, we’ve embarked on a journey of passion with clients who trusted us to make their brands our work of heart. 3 Colours Rule is a creative agency specialising in strategy, branding, marketing and employee communication engagement. We are based in London with clients around the world. 3 Colours Rule was born out of a burning desire to help businesses achieve their full potential. Although we provide these services to clients in many sectors, we particularly specialise in the tech, luxury, food and B2B service markets. This mission allowed us to grow healthy with clients around the world. We support our clients’ business goals by creating business opportunities that convert into clients or partnerships for them.

3 Colours Rule Brand Success Formula™

We use our model to help you reach your business objectives through measurable brand tactics and efficient processes.
1 – Vision

Develop a vision that drives and motivates company stakeholders (clients, prospects, employees, partners, media, suppliers and investors).

2 – Strategy

Determine a unique brand strategy through an evaluation of your market, business strengths, challenges and how to respond effectively.

3 – Design

Create attractive designs using neurobranding and colourology.

4 – Development

Implement marketing tactics and track results through matrix developed with client. We review consistently to drive excellence.

We have been featured as brand experts in

The founder, Flavilla Fongang

Awarded the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award by Mercedes Benz among women such as Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook.

Flavilla Fongang is an award-winning businesswoman, international speaker, MD and creative brand strategist. She was recently named “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman by Mercedes Benz among women such as Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She was also named the most influential businesswoman by LinkedIn

On top of being a creative brand strategist, she is also a colourology expert and multi-entrepreneur. She was born & raised in Paris and moved to London in 2002 despite being unable to speak English. Within her first year in London, she obtained to 2 BA degrees. Her determination extends to helping my clients achieve their goals and they appreciate my positive attitude and fun personality. As a result, my clients have achieved outstanding outcomes for their business. She believes and I have seen businesses achieve more when they develop brands with authentic human purpose.

She has developed her creativity and experience working in different business environments: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North/South America and Europe. Travelling and working internationally helped her stay ahead of trends, and understand the cultural diversity of each client market and adapt to it. She has over 15 years of client management, marketing, branding, team management and leadership experience working with micro to large companies.

Our big social project is the development of sustainability and ecosystems in African countries through developing skills & talent and supporting female entrepreneurship. Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved in this mission.

We are grateful for the success of 3 Colours Rule and being able to give is for us an honour. We are proud to have supported and donated to these amazing charities: The NSPCC,  Water Aid,  Amnesty International, Cancer Research, The Drifting Angels in Ghana, Cambridge United Community Trust, and Street Child United.

“The highlight of my trip to Ghana was to come back to the Drifting Angels’ Orphanage. I’m grateful for having a second chance to spend some time with these amazing children full of life. They reminded me that we don’t need much to be happy. So don’t drift away from your Happiness.” Flavilla Fongang

Photo: Flavilla, friends and the Drifting Angels in Ghana.