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3 Colours Rule is a London award-winning creative agency offering branding and marketing solutions for tech companies. We embarked on a journey of passion with clients around the world who trust us with their brands. We are tenacious, honest and fun to be around. Thanks to the effective service delivery process we have developed and mastered over the years, we always deliver our work on time and to the level of your expectation. On top of that, we use our network to drive new business opportunities for our clients. 

Vision, clarity and a lot of honesty
  • Our purpose: Improve society through the work of our clients
  • Our vision: To be the top branding and marketing agency developing iconic tech companies
  • Our mission: Create iconic brands
  • Our culture: Good honesty, fun attitude, and tenacious
  • Our reward: Your success

Some of the brands who chose us

Since 2008, we have helped companies achieve their goals

Our clients have valued our ability to help them build a brand that truly represents them so they can easily achieve their goals. We know how to decode the complexity of digital transformation projects and tech companies’ expertise into a language that is clear, unique, and appealing. Digital brands and tech brands with an effective brand strategy, brand identity and marketing strategy scale up 300% faster. So, if you are not leveraging constant growth for your business you are missing out on a massive opportunity. There are 3 major components needed to raise your brand in a crowded market:

  1. Align the challenges of your prospect with the solutions your company offers
  2. Define your specific ideal clients and present your brand to appeal to them only
  3. Develop a strong inbound strategy to create value and attract prospects to you

When you work with our branding and experiential marketing agency for tech companies and digital transformation, you can expect to always grow your brand value.

3 Colours Rule is a multi-award-winning creative branding and experiential marketing agency for tech companies and digital transformation projects based in London with clients around the world. We work with established brands and startups. How do we convert more prospects into clients? Well, we make your offer irresistible through effective brand articulation, bespoke design and effective marketing. As a result, you will also be able to attract talent and grow your company further.

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