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branding and marketing agency

3 Colours Rule was created in 2008 and as our client, we would take your success seriously. We are a multi-award-winning creative branding and marketing agency based in London with clients around the world that we love. Our expertise in neuromarketing and passion for continuously learning new skills make us different. As a result, this allows us to develop your business as a loved brand that connects to the heart and mind of individuals. We will be proud to also help you grow nationally and internationally as we have done for others. Our purpose is to support your business goals so you can make a positive impact on society. To help you achieve your brand objectives, we provide services in which we hold proven knowledge and expertise. We can offer you brand strategy, communication strategy, creative brand identity, design, marketing, web, and social media services. Our core sectors of expertise are technology, finance, luxury, and FMCG.

Having established our reputation working with global brands, our London branding and marketing agency now helps SMEs and entrepreneurs strengthen their brand credibility and profitability. 3 Colours Rule is multilingual with international expertise. Our clients choose us because we guarantee to deliver effectively, save them time and money. Above all, we seek new business opportunities for free to drive more business for you. Talk to us to discover if we can make it easy for you to achieve your business goals above and beyond. 

Our services allow you to communicate your value proposition more effectively, attract and convert more prospects into clients


Our combined wealth of knowledge & expertise is used to help you become a distinguishable leader in your niche market and grow effectively.


The brands we create are able to communicate credibility and help you stand out in a crowded market.


We provide creative digital solutions to allow you to develop a consistent brand and your digital transformation.

  • Digital transformation
  • Website
  • Video & Mobile App


We use our unique expertise in neuromarketing to help you develop innovative campaigns that engage internally & externally.

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