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Modular is specialised in 3D model technology in the retail space. They needed an effective, creative and simple way to showcase the unique value proposition and services they offer. They chose 3 Colours Rule for the design and development of their new website because of our expertise in technology.


  • The web strategy of the brand was effectively executed to the design of the website
  • An engaging and effective website
  • Visual and dynamic demonstration of their services

Client review

“Among the many candidates we’ve been considering, 3 Colours Rule stood out in many ways including their willingness to understand, push their knowledge beyond their means and adapt to an extremely challenging messaging problem we have been encountering.” Bilal Itani from Modular.Global

Brand successfully relaunch

Modular has expanded its activities across Germany, UK and Lebanon
PSD 10 (Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet)
phone objects

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