Brand identity for SMEs

With 3 Colours Rule, our brand identity consists of developing an attractive and distinctive business presentation: brand name, brand logo, brand slogan. Our brand identity service allows your company to align their brand strategy with the image and perception you want to create in the mind of your ideal clients, prospects and influencers.

We ensure your brand identity mirrors the values and purpose your business wishes to portray. Brand identity is fashioned from discussion with consumers. A brand identity can be defined in terms of its vision and aims, what distinguishes it from the competition, the desires it fulfils, its nature and ethics, and what makes it identifiable. A properly designed identity is critically vital. Brand identity expresses what the brand attitudes and opinions and speaks to the consumers unconsciously. Brand identity is important due to the proliferation of brands in the market, as it has become essential for brands to stand out to be successful.

At 3 Colours Rule we make brands easily recalled at the point of purchase using assets such as logo, slogans, language, shapes, sounds and colours. We use brand identity to effectively communicate brand value and make a brand more resilient. Proper brand identity is crucial to growing your brand and being successful.

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