Brand Performance Test

Take our brand performance test and find out how you can improve your business results.

Business is a competition. Constant evaluation of your competitors can keep you a step ahead of them. Do you know your competition?


Does your brand address to a specific niche?


Is your brand perceived by your target audience the way you want to be perceived?


Do you use neuromarketing to understand the thought process of your target audience?


Does your brand have a distinctive image, identity and story?


Do you know what makes your brand/product or service unique, in other words why your target audience should choose you over your competition?


You have set out goal and objectives for your brand. Do you have a plan of action to achieve them?


Generating new leads is one of the key factors to a successful business. With your current marketing and communication activities, are you generating enough leads to take your business to the next level?


Technology is changing the way business is done today, making digital transformation necessary to be more effective. Have you carried out your digital transformation for your brand?


Brand logos should be updated within 5-7 years. Have you recently updated your brand logo?


Are the colours of your brand adapted to your values and industry?


The average conversion rate across industries is 2.35% with many brands converting at less than 1%. Are you doing well, considering your current conversion rate?


If you leave your business today with little or no involvement, would it survive without you?


KPIs are used to evaluate success in reaching targets. Are you using the right KPIs to reach your business goals?


Data management is power. Are you currently using the right CRM tools to manage and interact with your target audience to generate leads?


What Is Your Current Monthly Revenue?


Tell me about your business. What do you do and what do you sell? Please be as specific as possible

What is your monthly marketing & advertising budget?

What is your current biggest brand or marketing challenge or frustration inside of your business?

What worries you? What are you afraid will happen if you don’t do something immediately to solve this challenge or frustration?

What have you tried so far to solve this frustration that hasn’t worked for you?

What is your biggest fear when it comes to not being able to solve this challenge or frustration?

What would be the most important criteria for your success as we work together?


What is your target monthly business revenue that you’d like to achieve inside your business?

How willing and able are you to invest in growing your business right now?


Would you like to be contacted by our team member to discuss this further? (If Yes, please include phone number)

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