How to increase customer engagement for my tech business

If a tech company wants to increase their customer engagement, they must understand its customers, anticipate their needs and expectations. They need to have the ability to deliver the quality services that customers require. The tech industry is constantly evolving and progressing. New technology is being created all the time, and with this comes new […]

How can R&D make your tech business more resilient

It is easy to accept that you are doing well and so you cease spending on R&D and striving for innovation. In the short term, this could make you more profitable because you aren’t investing so much in R&D, but in the long term this will hinder your success and progress. Flavilla was joined by […]

How to build an economy of opportunities

Economy of opportunities is all about how can you bring your insights, talents and experience together in order to solve an issue. Whether that be a industry issue, client issue or internal issue. Flavilla was joined by James Herbert, Founding Partner of The Panoply, to discuss “How to build an economy of opportunities and create […]

How to grow your tech company from zero to 100,000

Are you looking to grow your tech company from zero to 100,000? Well our podcast guest, Ivan Izikowitz, can tell you how to achieve this in just 12 months!  Listen to his podcast to find out how, and read this article to learn more about his journey.   Briefly, tell us how your journey took […]

New Thinker VS Risk Adverse

In our episode with Dr. Robert M. Learney, we discussed “New thinker vs risk adverse – How can they work together to develop great technology”. In this article you will find out a little more about Robert and his journey. He will also tell us his biggest lessons learnt and what he wishes more people knew.  […]

The scaling power of entering a Tech Collective

Flavilla spoke to Kate Patton, Entrepreneurial Engagement Manager position at Tech Nation, about the scaling power of entering a Tech Collective. Here is a little bit more about Kate.   Briefly, tell us how your journey took where you are right now My journey to where I am now is not a linear one. I […]

How to develop multiple streams of income

Andy Ayim is the creator of The Angel Investing School, that trains professionals from all backgrounds on how to get started with investing in startups. The first cohort was in April 2020 in London, with at least 70% of the cohort from diverse backgrounds. This community serves as part of the first money in to […]

How to not fail your digital product launch

Knowing how to make your app stand out from others, and how to get users addicted to it can be difficult. When launching your digital product, this is what needs to be taken into consideration in order for it to be successful. Flavilla spoke to Kyle Whittington, founder of the design and development agency, Bad […]

Reducing financial struggles improves wellbeing

Having to wait for your next payday can have a negative impact on your mental health. Stressing over financial issues like whether you will be able to afford your next weekly shopping is a very common issue. Lee Bowden is the co-Founder and CEO of fastP.A.Y.E. This tool allows employees to access their already earnt […]

How can 3D support brand experience

3D has been a significant tool in providing brand experience. But did you know it can make even more of an impact on a customers’ buying decision during lockdown? More and more people are choosing to buy things online. This gives companies the chance to stand out over competitors by introducing 3D technology. To explore […]