An Effective Strategy for Fundraising During a Pandemic

Are you struggling to raise funds during this pandemic? Yvonne shared her expertise and what entrepreneurs should do during this time to get funds from VCs. She has invested over £200 million in a wide range of startups across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You will discover how to develop your strategy as well […]

How to become a lucky tech millionaire

What if you could be a tech millionaire? We were glad to have Marc Defosse on Tech Brains Talk podcast to discuss ‘How to become a lucky tech millionaire’. He shared his journey from which you can find inspiration and lessons. Through this article, you will see his struggles and the attitude that overcame the […]

How to manage brand reputation during a crisis

Intro On 11th March, COVID-19 has declared a pandemic. How to manage brand reputation during a crisis? It is evident that this is a time of uncertainty, in many aspects. As schools and businesses shut down, people are losing their jobs and health concerns are at a peak. Therefore, we believe apart from this, to […]

How to successfully navigate through an economic crisis

How have some businesses successfully navigated through a crisis or an economic recession? Although fear is healthy, panic is deadly for a business. With challenges like Brexit and now the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are negatively affected.  History repeats itself. Therefore, we have done our research and analysis of past challenges businesses have faced. We […]

Leveraging PR to launch a new tech product

Intro Let’s begin, so you have a new tech product? Great! But wondering how to leverage PR to launch this? When it comes to a product launch many aspects can be taken into consideration, such as conducting in-depth market research, forming a positioning strategy, developing promotional campaigns, etc. In contrast, businesses these days have loads […]

Successful internationalisation of your tech brand

The global marketplace offers vast opportunities for tech brands that are planning to incorporate internationalisation into their marketing strategy and seeking to source their products/services worldwide. Learn how to have a successful internationalisation of your tech brand.  Technology businesses that set out to expand their brand internationally have varying objectives. But usually follow a standard […]

Tech company branding – How to successfully do it

Most technology companies don’t pay a lot of attention to the languages of their brand. Tech company branding strategies are undervalued. In this technology industry, every business is racing to define the future, the short-term rush of product marketing too often steals focus from the slower wheel of brand development. Tech business often forgets the […]

How to run a successful brand workshop for your tech company

Are you struggling to clearly articulate your unique value proposition? Do you need guidance understanding how your brand can stand out in a very competitive market and convert more prospects into clients? Are you looking to attract more clients? Would you like all the hard work to be recognised and appreciated by your audience? Most tech […]

Does your tech brand need a rebrand or a brand adaptation?

Your tech brand is off the ground and now you are faced with a decision to take your business to the next level. Does your tech business need a rebrand or a brand adaptation? It is important to understand where your business is to draw a distinction between rebrand and brand adaptations. Rebranding Rebranding is […]