Leveraging PR to launch a new tech product

Intro Let’s begin, so you have a new tech product? Great! But wondering how to leverage PR to launch this? When it comes to a product launch many aspects can be taken into consideration, such as conducting in-depth market research, forming a positioning strategy, developing promotional campaigns, etc. In contrast, businesses these days have loads […]

The website structures that convert visitors into clients

You may have noticed it already, but times have changed. Indeed, with the digital world we live in, people are always connected and use the internet for their everyday life. Websites represent our main source of information, for work, research, shopping, and entertainment. As a result, your website is accessible at any time and anywhere […]

7 tips to hook your audience during a presentation

Starting a speech is never easy even if you deliver one every day. You not only have to have something worthwhile to say, but you also have to say it in a way that connects and engages with your audience. Never assume that your spectators are paying attention: they may be looking at you but […]

7 tips on how to run an engaging webinar for your tech business

In a world run by innovation and technology, the digital age has provided an abundance of tools for businesses. It is now easier for companies to interact with their prospects and clients, and market themselves. Creating and maintaining relationships with actual and potential customers has been a crucial challenge of digital marketing, with social media […]

How to create your tech brand story step by step

Since our birth, we are used to communicating with stories. And what’s better than a good story? This can be applied to your brand identity. Today with the proliferation of media and the rapid adoption of digital channels, consumers are bombarded with thousands of brand messages every day. This proliferation of messages leads to the […]