How to modernise your brand in the finance industry?

The Financial industry is notoriously perceived for being dry and in this age of social media and quick fixes, a modernisation is needed. Of course, that’s not the complete case but in many cases it is true. However, change is upon us. Banks such as Monzo, N26, and financial services such as the app Moneybox, and money […]

How to maintain brand engagement in the financial services sector?

As a financial services company, one of your company objectives is to offer great customer service to achieve better customer satisfaction. For that, you need to keep your clients engaged, delighted and informed. This article focuses on how financial services companies can improve brand engagement.  What is an engaging content?  Recycled or untailored financial services […]

How to choose the right brand colours for my business?

Did you know that colours and shapes increase brand recognition by up to 80%? The colours you choose for your brand has an impact on the perception stakeholders have of your business. It needs to relate to your company values, position and personality. It should also be easy for your prospects to associate your chosen […]