How to choose the right brand colours for my business?

Did you know that colours and shapes increase brand recognition by up to 80%? The colours you choose for your brand has an impact on the perception stakeholders have of your business. It needs to relate to your company values, position and personality. It should also be easy for your prospects to associate your chosen […]

How can social media help you create a valuable customer relationship?

It is undeniable that social media has become a huge aspect of modern society. In today’s society, 92% of teenagers are online every day, and 71% use more than one social network. In total, 31% of the global population engage in social media. In general, social networking sites enable users to swap ideas, to chat, […]

Bacardi purchased Patrón – The branding advantages of purchasing your competition

Bacardi is one of the world’s leading premium spirits makers and produces ten varieties of its namesake rum. Founded in 1862 in Cuba, the company, through its affiliates, operates nearly 30 production sites worldwide and sells in more than 150 countries. The giant alcohol company has bought the tequila maker Patrón for approximately 5 billion of dollars. Bacardi […]

Communication in the perfume industry

3 Colours Rule, we are a London creative branding agency with a track record of success in developing existing brands and creating successful new brands.  Business is personal to us and we only work with business individuals we believe in so we can support their success and build long-term relationships. While the advertising world is […]