Success story interview with Michael Coulson – Managed Print Compare

Michael Coulson is the CEO of Managed Print Compare, a company based out of Grimsby whose aim is to “Simplify the entire managed print industry”. The company was started by a team of professionals with years of experience in the managed print industry. After sitting by and watching their businesses get ripped off by managed print […]

The use of big data in marketing

Big Data is the solution to the unlimited desire marketers have to know more about their targets. According to Amy Mushahwar, counsel and chief information security officer with ZwillGen PLLC, the number of internet users will reach 5 billion users in 2020. The explosion of the number of users will automatically lead to an even bigger […]

The biggest mistakes tech companies make when creating their app

Today, more than 1 million apps appear in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Most of the apps didn’t obtain the success they deserved because of common mistakes they could have avoided. Every company is looking for mobile apps that satisfy their prospects the most. With a focus on the tech industry, […]

What marketing budget should I set to promote my tech startup?

When you start your tech business, it can be a struggle to determine how much should they spend on your marketing campaign.  Whether you developed an app, a software or a revolutionary high-tech product, you need to find out how to promote your concept as well as your brand and what budget you should allocate. […]

What is the best social media strategy for a tech company?

Having a social media strategy is crucial for your tech brand development. Your community of clients is often the main asset of companies. Loyal clients share your content and promote your brand on their own. Your social media strategy must be diversified because your prospects dislike being pushed to buy your products or services. Ideally, […]

How to position your brand effectively in the tech market?

As a tech company, branding is one of your most precious assets. Indeed, the way people perceive your brand is your top priority. One of the key components of your brand strategy is positioning. Positioning will allow you stand out from the crowd of competitors. Your prospects need to understand why they should buy your […]

How to choose the right brand colours for my business?

Did you know that colours and shapes increase brand recognition by up to 80%? The colours you choose for your brand has an impact on the perception stakeholders have of your business. It needs to relate to your company values, position and personality. It should also be easy for your prospects to associate your chosen […]