7 tips to hook your audience during a presentation

Starting a speech is never easy even if you deliver one every day. You not only have to have something worthwhile to say, but you also have to say it in a way that connects and engages with your audience. Never assume that your spectators are paying attention: they may be looking at you but […]

7 tips on how to run an engaging webinar for your tech business

In a world run by innovation and technology, the digital age has provided an abundance of tools for businesses. It is now easier for companies to interact with their prospects and clients, and market themselves. Creating and maintaining relationships with actual and potential customers has been a crucial challenge of digital marketing, with social media […]

How to create your tech brand story step by step

Since our birth, we are used to communicating with stories. And what’s better than a good story? This can be applied to your brand identity. Today with the proliferation of media and the rapid adoption of digital channels, consumers are bombarded with thousands of brand messages every day. This proliferation of messages leads to the […]

6 tips tech businesses can learn from Pirates to grow their brand

We bet you are thinking, “What do pirates have to do with tech business?“. Pirates are widely thought of as being bloodthirsty, uneducated, seafaring anarchists. We are not here to tell you that wasn’t true for some pirates. Due to their fictional depictions, they are often overlooked greatly but all of us should take inspiration […]

The use of big data in marketing

Big Data is the solution to the unlimited desire marketers have to know more about their targets. According to Amy Mushahwar, counsel and chief information security officer with ZwillGen PLLC, the number of internet users will reach 5 billion users in 2020. The explosion of the number of users will automatically lead to an even bigger […]

The biggest mistakes tech companies make when creating their app

Today, more than 1 million apps appear in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Most of the apps didn’t obtain the success they deserved because of common mistakes they could have avoided. Every company is looking for mobile apps that satisfy their prospects the most. With a focus on the tech industry, […]