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3 Colours Rule is a creative agency London. 3 Colours Rule is a results driven, London based creative brand strategy and design agency. We work with SMEs that want to improve their brand value and grow in their market. We use our unique expertise in brand strategy, design & colourology to develop brands and projects that are always accurate, attract and convert prospects into customers. We have been using this expertise to help international brands remain leaders in their field. We now help entrepreneurs and SMEs achieve greater sales results, with a particular focus on concept development, strategic branding and creative design. We work on every project with passion and dedication. Our creative team gives you peace of mind by developing your brand creatively, reducing brand risk and improving brand reputation & loyalty. We work with you as the perfect extension of your team. We work to achieve your business goals: improve your brand credibility to build your business value and let your brand sell for you. It is time for your company to stand out and perform better.


Are you looking for an agency to support with :

  • Sales with collateral and leads?
  • Brand strategy & concept development?
  • Company communication externally and internally?
  • Build brand awareness while maximising your marketing budget?
  • Design expertise?


The roles of those two may sound the same but they are very different. These are the key points that differentiate them and will help you make the right decision.


The complexity of the project

A freelancer is usually specialised in one or two areas to be an expert in this field, where the agency employs a group of individuals with different set of skills. When the agency receives a new project, it becomes a collaboration of expertise and knowledge in marketing, branding, copywriting, consumer behaviour, colour analysis, web, digital, SEO, design and so much more.

So if your job is a simple design work, it is best to choose a freelance graphic designer. Plus, it will also cost you less. However, if your job is complex, such as a full branding, web design or advertising campaign project, work with a creative agency that as the right set of necessary skills to deliver across platforms. Because we have worked on several projects and in various industries, we know how to deliver results that create engagement. With a creative agency you work is allocated to a team of experts and each specialist handles an allocated task. The project comes together efficiently and faster.


The expertise

A freelance graphic designer focuses on its expertise which is design. However, when a creative agency takes your project, the team will take into consideration marketing and branding before starting the design process. They have the time and capability to implement the best practices for all areas of your web design & development for example (Psychometric analysis, user experience, data management, usability, SEO, accessibility or architecture). We take the time to optimise performance despite its complexity.


The dependability

When you hand over your project to a freelancer you rely on one individual therefore the risks of non-completion of your project can be affected by personal issues (illness, family, etc). Then again, when you hand over your project to a creative agency, you work with a group of individuals. If one individual is unavailable, this doesn’t affect the completion of your project as someone else can take over.


The budget

As we previously mentioned, freelancers usually have one or two core skills which means you will need to hire different freelancers for different projects. In a long term, you will need to act as the project manager for all these different freelancers. It will end up being time consuming and more expensive in the long run because of revision costs and delays. For a small project, a freelancer could be just right; but for complex and important projects it is best to work with an agency. With a creative agency, you have your project manager, which means one point of interaction, who will manage every aspect of your project for you. The project manager is usually your creative director and will ensure visual and message consistency. For example with us, you pay for an agreed quote not by the hours to ensure you keep control of your costs. Your project gets completed more effectively and faster because the team of experts can communicate with each other throughout the realisation. This means less errors and savings on revision fees.


Small creative agency versus large creative agencies

Working with large agencies doesn’t mean better results, as most of them outsource to smaller creative design agencies like us. Why? Because of the volume work they receive or simply to make larger profit margin. Their core team focuses on the major projects and they use partners, contractors and freelancers to manage the other projects. Our boutique creative branding agency focuses on creativity, customer service excellence, building long term relationships and results.


To summarise, good design is an investment and it will provide a bottom line return on your investment. A creative agency offers a much broader set of skills than any freelancer can offer. Choosing to work with a freelance graphic designer or a creative agency will depend of the importance of your project. For a branding/rebranding or website creation, work with a creative agency as design skills won’t be sufficient to effectively complete this project. For a small project, flyer or brochure, work with a freelance graphic designer and ensure your marketing representative manages the content.


The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is to choose cheap and inexperienced graphic designers on freelancer websites to launch their business without defining their marketing strategy. Your brand defines the value of your services and products. It will attract or repel your prospects. Effective branding is crucial for a successful brand launch.


To succeed you need to invest in fields that are crucial for the success of your business, such as branding. Expertise comes at a cost that shouldn’t bargain. The cost of hiring an inexperienced graphic designer can have longer damaging impact on your business. If your business decisions are always made based on getting the best deals, you are not here for the long run.
3 Colours Rule is a boutique creative & branding agency that excels on every project they undertake. The team is composed of talented individuals with a diverse set of expertise. They know how to adapt to different markets. We focus on creativity, delivery, customer service experience, long building long term relationships and results. Our boutique creative agency is able to deliver outstanding results in a shorter amount of time and more a affordable fee than large agencies. Without a bureaucratic approach, we effectively manage the brand cohesiveness, remain open-minded while passionately creating.

Creative Brand Strategy & Design Agency:

Our agency helps entrepreneurs and SMEs in luxury, fashion and beauty sectors, who have challenges with brand perception, brand value and attracting more business. We focus on strategic branding and creative design and use our brand colourology expertise to develop brands that are current and appeal to the market. Click here to get copy of our E-Book on how to improve your brand value and attract your ideal clients