Cultural Brand Adaptation – London Creative Agency for tech companies

Why is a cultural brand adaptation for tech companies essential?

3 Colours Rule helps both SMEs and large tech companies market their products to consumers with different cultural backgrounds and across borders. Buyer behaviours and consumer needs are driven by culture and more. International cultural brand adaptation is key for the survival and success of brands. Marketing must be sensitive to cultural differences that influence behaviour and decision making.

Benefits for tech companies:

Brand cultural adaptation allows companies to conduct business and engage effectively with stakeholders of all cultures and backgrounds when expanding internationally.

How is the cultural brand service delivered?

  • Phase 1: Brand discovery. We start by understanding your brand and marketing objectives.
  • Phase 2: Markets discovery & cultural difference analysis. We conduct market research on regions or countries where you would like to grow your brand: communication, customs, social behaviour, colours.
  • Phase 3: Marketing cultural adaptation campaign for each region or country. We develop a marketing campaign adapted to each culture and values to develop an authentic customer engagement and convert more prospects into customers.
  • Phase 4: Brand visual translation. We adjust your brand presentation to adapt to the regions or countries where you want to grow your brand: colours,