Marketing Strategy for SMEs

With 3 Colours Rule, our marketing strategy consists of developing engaging, relevant and unique branded content through the right use of communication channels where the ideal prospects are most likely to be found. We use our unique set of skills in business psychology to effectively connect and engage brands to their ideal clients.

The marketing strategy helps our clients increase their conversion rates online and offline (visitors, lead acquisition, prospect conversion, followers). A marketing strategy should be long-term and entail brand value and brand messaging. Marketing plans are sets out objectives to reach the longer-term strategic goals. This will help effectively inform your key brand message, timing, creative and how best to package and present your products and services.

At 3 colours rule, we will only create a bespoke marketing strategy and marketing plans. We will also advise you on which channels to best reach your target market. These channels include advertising, online through your own media such as your website and social media pages, via offline networking and going to trade shows, through direct marketing, and so on.

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