• Are you looking for new effective strategies to attract customers?
  • Have you run out of prospecting ideas and nothing seem to be working?
  • Are you struggling to convince your customers to buy from you?
  • Then this book is for you!!!!


In this book, you’ll learn & receive the following:

  • 99 Individual strategies to get customers!
  • Discover strategies that work for B2B and B2C companies
  • Categories cover Traditional Marketing to PR, Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc!
  • Alongside tips and advice from MY experience of using the strategies for my businesses and with my clients!
  • How to reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • How to thrive through a recession
  • What are the best prospecting strategies to apply to your business?
  • Exactly how much you should invest in marketing and prospecting
  • What customer acquisition strategies to use
  • Receive a Customer Acquisition Checklist To Guide Your Customer Acquisition Journey
  • Receive a list of important marketing, sales and branding definitions
  • Receive a list of helpful tech tools for customer acquisition
  • A 90-day customer acquisition plan with a bonus!