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Holiday Inn

3 Colours Rule was selected to design with the new modern Holiday Inn hotel located in London, Shadwell. The prestigious Shadwell Holiday Inn mainly caters to business clients. They needed their branding and design to be improved.

Holiday Inn hotel is one of the most well-known hotel brands in the world. They recently opened a modern Holiday Inn in Shadwell. Shadwell is a popular location that attracts professionals due to its proximity to the city. Therefore, they needed well-designed materials to best represent their restaurant, bar and room and showcase the quality of their gastronomy & their service.

Client Brief: Revamp the branding menus of the hotel to match with the service quality offered at Holiday Inn Shadwell.

Skills used for this project:

  • Consumer psychology & copywriting
  • Design & colourology

The new menus were not only designed to be read with more ease but to also emphasise the gastronomic experience offered by Holiday Inn Shadwell. We added the storytelling element on the front of the menu so guests can discover the source and quality of the food offered at Holiday Inn Shadwell. We also put extra effort in selecting appetizing photos to raise food and drink envy as part of the neuromarketing strategy.

Purchase value per customer has increased

It is now a gastronomic experience

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