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The Global Trading Group

The Global Trading Group is a private group of managing directors who work together to maximise business opportunities on a national and international scale. We were pleased to be selected for the creation of their brand and design of their marketing collaterals.

This logo has several layers of comprehension. The first and most obvious shape you encounter is the triangle. There is 4 of them at the first glance. But another one is hidden amongst the group. The triangle is synonymous with dynamism. We chose to highlight triangles in order to show the innovation, the energy.
The second layer of the logo is the cube. You perhaps haven’t noticed it, it’s on purpose. The square shape must be seen by your mind, not your eyes. The square represents the care, the security and the solidity The Global Trading Group is.
The last but not least, the third layer, represented by a circle. This circle serve as a representation of the self-generation of the benefits.
We keep the logo simple to ensure an easy recognition and the look of a multinational company.


  • Create a modern and dynamic corporate brand
  • Design a fresh and contemporary brochure

Brand logo
The logo

Marketing collateral
The brochure aligns with the brand which showcases a central presence in the heart of business: London.

Client Feedback


Flavilla and her team provide a very thought thought-provoking to branding. As a result, opens up new business opportunities. Great investment!

Deb Sen –  MD of the Ministry For Growth



Brand credibility established

The Global Trading Group has effectively established its credibility and strength.
The group has grown and now runs private business networking events

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