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3 Colours Rule understands the challenges of the FMCG sector, the necessity to adapt rapidly and effectively to the demand. As a result, we have effectively developed winning brand strategies, branding and marketing solutions.

A seamless approach to success

Our creative branding and marketing agency helps FMCG companies effectively and distinctively communicate the uniqueness of their brands. Consequently, they can achieve better business outcomes within their niche market.

Distinctive design

Our team is able to effectively adapt to the uniqueness of your FMCG brand to create distinctive, creative, effective and unique visual communications.  Our clients have been able to stand out, engage and attract more business.

Achieve more with 3 Colours Rule - We understand your sector

Our creative branding and marketing team has branding and marketing FMCG knowledge, expertise and capabilities to deliver projects smoothly and effectively. First, we work alongside you as your business partner with your best interest at heart.  Then, we develop unique strategies and the design of your brand identity. Moreover, we can also develop your marketing and social media activities. As a result, we have a successful track record working successfully with FMCG companies.

We are capable of delivering the most challenging projects within deadlines because of our FMCG knowledge, expertise and passion for your success. Above all, we are thankful for the long-term relationships we have developed with our clients and partners. Contact us to find out we can help you develop your brand scale effectively and faster.

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We have been lucky enough to discover 3 Colours Rule. We commissioned 3 Colours Rule to create our brand including the name of our company, website and business cards. The team created something for us all to be proud of and continues to support the brand and website. I can highly recommend 3 Colours Rule.

Grant Goss – Managing Director of Clarus Fortior – Click here to discover the success story of Clarus Fortior

I needed an urgent logo for a new business I set up. I didn’t think it would be possible for anyone to come up with something in 2 days. 3 Colours Rule did a fantastic job and the logo looks great despite the ridiculous timescale 3 Colours Rule were working too. Will definitely be using them again.

Anthony Antoniou –  Managing Director of Rainbow Design

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3 Colours Rule, a leading branding company in London hit new heights when it comes to getting your business noticed. 3 Colours Rule will definitely do what they say they are going to do, they will deliver the highest quality, on time, with the latest innovative designs and techniques and are thoroughly loyal and reliable. I would say they lead with their heart and touch others, with their hearts work.

Lynne Hughes –  Founder of Immaculette – Click here to discover the success stories of our clients

Flavilla led a fantastic seminar on Brand Growth and how to become the “go-to” brand in your market. It was an incredibly informative and inspirational talk which I have taken a lot away from.  I have found Flavilla a pleasure to work with and hope to work with her again in the future!

Beth Munro –  Consultant at Shout Out UK

Click here to discover more about the brand growth workshop she attended


Our combined wealth of knowledge & expertise is used to help you become a distinguishable leader in your niche market and grow effectively.


The FMCG brands we create are able to communicate credibility and help you stand out in a crowded market.


We provide creative digital solutions to allow you to develop a consistent brand and your digital transformation.

  • Digital transformation
  • Website
  • Video & Mobile App


We use our unique expertise in neuromarketing to help you develop innovative campaigns that engage internally & externally.

FMCG Portfolio

I love snacks: +200% investment raised - Available at Waitrose, Eithad, Eurostar and many more
Branding Agency for FMCG company
Louis Marie: Brand developed and designed successfully
Branding Agency for FMCG company
Sophie's cupcakes: Brand value optimisation
Branding Agency for FMCG company

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