Modular – Business activities expanded in Europe & Middle East

Type in the title. Second line info. CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Modular Situation: Modular is specialised in 3D model technology in the retail space. They needed an effective, creative and simple way to showcase the unique value proposition and services they offer. They chose 3 Colours Rule for the design and development [...]

Bridge Wind Management – Scaling up across Europe

Type in the title. Second line info. CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Bridge Wind Management Situation: The founders of GW-WIN needed to revamp their business identity to effectively align the scale of their business. Our brand strategy supported the creation of a new brand name, new logo and full brand identity. This is [...]

Data Management: Featured in the press within 6 months in operation

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706ShredWIZ Situation: The founder of ShredWIZ needed her company to effectively penetrate the data management market by demonstrating brand credibility and standing out from the start. We created an innovative data management brand while implementing a digital transformation approach. Actions: Brand strategy Brand design Brand collaterals Truck design Website [...]

IT: Expanded sales activities effectively

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Labyrinth IT Situation: Following disruption within their market, Labyrinth IT had to review their business strategy to stay agile. They, therefore, needed to improve and boost their marketing & sales activities. They understand the importance of projecting a professional brand and needed new marketing collaterals. Actions: Design a modern [...]

Law: Brand credibility established from the start

Type in the title. Second line info. CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Leo Hamilton Situation: Prior to contacting us, our client spent months searching for the perfect brand name for their business. Following many failures, our client decided to come to us to help them resolve this issue. We needed to create the [...]

Sports & Luxury: Successful partnerships with established brands

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Laumès Situation: One of our prestigious clients reached out to us to create the first Cambodian luxurious resort group of brands. The brands consist of the 1st Formula 1 race track, various adrenaline sports, hotel, spa, restaurant and more. The challenge was to develop a luxurious group of [...]

Social Tech: Worldwide expansion

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Guidecatch Situation: Create effective social media advertising and engagement campaign to grow app users across Europe and Africa. Action: We redefined the brand purpose by focusing on “Living up” motto. We revamped the brand content communication Create and manage the ad campaigns Social ad campaign: The creative social [...]

Travel & Social Tech: Major prospects and investment interest

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706hublr The brand concept of hublr was a business created and developed by 3 Colours Rule. We wanted to create a brand that allows travel lovers to create travel experiences while connecting with people on the same journey. The brand is still in the development phase and will soon [...]

Charity: Brand credibility uplifted

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Goldhay Arts Situation: Goldhay Arts is a charity offering adults with a learning disability the opportunity to train and develop their artistic skills and interests in the performing and visual arts. "We are always looking for ways we can develop our Service Users to enable personal development and better [...]

Cosmetics: Supported by the Embassy of Gabon

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Ivindo Situation: The founder needed us to create a unique brand to launch her skincare product range in the crowded beauty market. Actions: A unique creative brand strategy crafted through brand story, brand experience and visuals. Brand naming, logo creation and design of brand collaterals. Web strategy, design [...]