Modular – Business activities expanded in Europe & Middle East

Type in the title. Second line info. CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Modular Situation: Modular is specialised in 3D model technology in the retail space. They needed an effective, creative and simple way to showcase the unique value proposition and services they offer. They chose 3 Colours Rule for the design and development [...]

Travel & Social Tech: Major prospects and investment interest

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706hublr The brand concept of hublr was a business created and developed by 3 Colours Rule. We wanted to create a brand that allows travel lovers to create travel experiences while connecting with people on the same journey. The brand is still in the development phase and will soon [...]

Business Consultancy: Partnerships with HSBC & Natwest within 1st year

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Clarus Fortior Situation The founders needed to create a brand that could project the optimal credibility from the start. A short amount of time was available to create the entire branding which included name, logo, website and marketing materials. Actions:  Brand naming and logo creation to demonstrate brand [...]

Social Tech: Worldwide expansion

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Guidecatch Situation: Create effective social media advertising and engagement campaign to grow app users across Europe and Africa. Action: We redefined the brand purpose by focusing on “Living up” motto. We revamped the brand content communication Create and manage the ad campaigns Social ad campaign: The creative social [...]

Financial Services: Expanding nationally

CONTACT US TODAY: or 020 3617 8706Amadeus Legal Services Situation: Amadeus needed to rebrand their company to demonstrate their expertise & credibility they have gained. They needed to project the optimal brand to attract & engage the desired target audience. Actions: Logo rebrand. Web strategy, design and development. Marketing copywritting Brand and marketing collateral [...]